Natural, DEET and Electronic Mosquito Repellent

Natural, DEET and Electronic Mosquito Repellent

Everyone loves a barbecue every now and then. Having fun in the outdoors can bring families closer. But, sometimes, “closer” is not a good information when you are outdoors. The outdoors can truly bring you closer to a plethora of nasties: airborne viruses, snakes, and of course, the nasty with a giant bite – mosquitoes. Luckily, natural and electronic mosquito repellent can now be easily purchased. But, the thing is, do they give enough protection?

Mosquitoes are estimated to transmit diseases to more than 700 million people yearly. They are the angels of death, transferring deadly diseases such as yellow fever and malaria. These diseases are transferred by female mosquitoes by sharp. When a mosquito bites a person, she injects saliva, anti-coagulants, and together with these two – the virus. They mostly thrive near stagnant water, where they can copy and lay eggs. An area near a lake is a perfect breeding identify. If you happen to have your barbecue in such an area, then you, your family and friends should protect yourselves from these flying vampires.

Top electronic mosquito repellents

There are several types of electronic pest repellents and killers but the most popular are Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic. There are also ones that use UV light to attract flying insects, and then kills them with an electronic grid. To add, electronic mosquito racket (some come with solar chargers), Permethrin vapourizers, and others may also be used, though the closeness would just be small. For a large scope of repelling, the ones from flowtron are very good, especially when you and your family are outdoors during the afternoon. The device is eco-friendly and would cost you less in the long run, instead of relying on unhealthy chemicals that can already poison you and are hazardous to the ecosystem. These devices are proven safe for you and the ecosystem. The device also covers an acre, ideal if you’re having a grand barbecue day. You may also add an Ocetonol attractant to keep the insects marching to their decline.

however, for your personal protection, you can use DEET based lotions and aerosol sprays or, if you are concerned about DEET and its negative effects, you can always use plant derived products. There are lots of manufacturers of amazing mosquito repellents like Off! and 3M. 3M now currently offers a line of repellents that can give you all out protection against mosquitoes – Ultrathon. Ultrathon is military tested and can fend away mosquitoes longer because of its high DEET content.

If you are concerned with DEET on your children, then you can use the ones with less than 7% DEET, or you may want to try those with citrus oil or neem oil, though there are lots of arguments surrounding these herbal products. You may want to consult your child’s physician for further advice on what products to use.

Natural, DEET-based and an electronic mosquito repellent can be of great help. With the combined use of these products, you can surely protect yourself and your family from the dreaded diseases that mosquitoes spread.

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