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With wonderful response from the last cohort batch of EdTech startups with two acquisitions, Marwari Catalysts today announces the chosen EdTech startups that are part of its next batch of accelerator cohort program, ‘Thrive’.


Marwari Catalysts Accelerator Cohort Program – ‘Thrive’


The accelerator aims to nurture the vibrant EdTech startup ecosystem of our nation with its rare accelerator cohort program and this season, the EdTech startups that are onboarding the cohort program will be guided to improve their products for market fitness and create maximum economic and social impact in India and the world.


The finalists are shortlisted from over 500 applications coming from different Tier-I, Tier-II, and Tier-III cities and following a demanding screening course of action.


The chosen EdTech startups represent today’s most promising innovations for our startup ecosystem of tomorrow and the Marwari Catalysts team will work with the founders over the time of the 10-week virtual programme to accelerate their progress in market fit, client discovery, product development, scalability, revenue generation, and strategies to attract follow-on capital investment.


The accelerator will also strive to expose these startups to customers both in India and overseas to take advantage of applicable opportunities.


The founding members of Marwari Catalysts strongly believe that with education being the dominant expense of Indian households, the education sector in the country has tremendous possible for the emergence of more unicorns.


All segments of education, whether K-12, test preparation, or executive education, have recently been witnessing a enormous increase in need and thereby India has emerged to be among the top three countries in the world to get the most venture capital funding in the edtech sector.


Commenting on the announcement, Sushil Sharma, Founder & CEO, Marwari Catalysts says, “Our mission at Thrive for startups is to help young startup teams focus on their meaningful business and technology problems while we empower them with knowledge and lessons from Marwari Catalysts, learnt over years of building enterprise and consumer products across the globe.”


Extremely delighted while sharing this news, Devesh Rakhecha, Founder & Director, Marwari Catalysts says, “Having a strong education pedagogy is important for an edtech startup and Marwari Catalysts’ strong focus on combining pedagogy and technology makes them an ideal partner to work with as we continue to build our company. We hope to enhance the pedagogical effectiveness of our solution and extent our offerings to more educational stakeholders in the vicinity.”


Commenting on the announcement, Raunak Singhvi, Co-founder at Marwari Catalysts & Head – Thrive says, “When we start the selection course of action for our new program, we are always amazed by the varied of inventive approaches in EdTech. Each entrepreneur spots an area where change is needed and many find inventive ways to go into the market, with the consequence being better educational outcomes.”


Further adding he says, “We’re delighted to welcome these new startups and sustain them as they bring their solutions to life.”


The startups chosen from a highly competitive pool of applications are :


1. Law Prep Tutorial – India’s leading CLAT coaching institute, ‘Law Prep Tutorial’, also considered as ‘The CLAT Toppers Factory’ holds a record of 100 plus toppers every year with 50000 students trained under their mentorship, entered the startup industry with their impactful business form so as to create a dramatical change in ‘Making Lawyers of Tomorrow’.


The team at Law Prep Tutorial includes Law school alumni, ex-Law school faculty, aptitude test trainers, subject experts and research associates.


Having a hybrid form – both online & offline, LPT offers the most comprehensive package towards preparation for the CLAT exam. 


2. XOOG – 2020 established, XOOG is building India’s largest gamified platform for K12 students to compete & learn in any skill. Based in Chennai, this gamified reward-based platform for k12 students allows them to participate in competitions and workshops, get ranked, earn coins, build a profile, use the coins to redeem real-life products from their shop and scholarships on courses by edtech startups providing courses.


Having an inventive ranking mechanism and algorithm for every skill, XOOG is a trustable, fun brand and community for parents to understand more about the kids and make decisions for them.


3. TuteDude – established in 2020 and based in Delhi, TuteDude is an E-Learning platform established by IIT-Delhi alumni. The startup provides self paced courses by introducing AI in lectures and 1:1 live doubt solving sessions, personal mentorship, thereby making the learning experience seamless and providing rewards as a motivation to complete the course.


4. EkSlate – Delivering skills of tomorrow, EkSlate is a one stop solution that ensures delivery of life skills, learning skills, literacy skills to the students and makes them tomorrow ready. The target market is K-12 and the skills delivery is done via gamified skill development form.


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