Loved Ones keep up Vigil for Father Allegedly Murdered by Son – NBC 6 South Florida

Loved Ones keep up Vigil for Father Allegedly Murdered by Son – NBC 6 South Florida

Family and loved ones held a vigil Friday to honor a father who police say was shot and killed by his oldest son.

Investigators say 27-year-old Maurice Wright Jr. shot his father, Maurice Wright Sr., 50, with a rifle in late May. 

Miami-Dade Police

Maurice Wright Jr. and Maurice Wright

Wright Jr. was arrested by Miami-Dade Police on Wednesday at a motel on the 6100 block of Biscayne Boulevard. 

“I’m gonna miss my Daddy,” said the victim’s daughter, Marquisha Wright. “I love you. And it’s messed up that you had to go like that. Because you didn’t deserve it!”

The family released Dallas Cowboys themed-balloons Friday night in honor of Maurice Sr. 

One by one, the people closest to him put the painful emotions they’re feeling into words.

“To my brother, like, I really hate you,” said Marquisha. “I really hate you.”

Pamela Darien says she and the victim have children together.

“You’re going to be in my heart forever, you’re gonna be with my kids forever,” said Darien. “And I just want you to look down on everybody in this family because I need you and I need you real bad.”

The family says Maurice Sr. and Maurice Jr. had been living together. They say the strain on their relationship began about six months ago after a fight in which, according to relatives, Maurice Jr. pistol-whipped his father.

A woman is hindered after her brother allegedly killed their father with an assault rifle. NBC 6’s Julie Leonardi reports

Marquisha said her father wanted to sustain his son no matter the circumstances. 

“He was that parent that no matter what my kids do, I nevertheless love my kids,” said Marquisha. 

Maurice Jr. is in custody in the Miami-Dade County jail without a bond, facing second-degree murder charges. 

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