long-lasting Orgasm Denial for Men: Pros and Cons


long-lasting orgasm denial has to be one of the most shared fantasies held by men who crave male chastity.

On the confront of it, you’d think it was both scarce and the preserve of only the kinkiest of extreme fetishists.

And while that’s a natural and perhaps already obvious conclusion… it’s also wrong. Because for a woman to understand the allurement of any kind of male orgasm denial is difficult enough; but to wrap our heads around the idea of this being a long-lasting way of life — as in the man is not allowed to orgasm ever — is incomprehensible.

So when we come across the idea, and especially when it’s something we divine our own husband, boyfriend or lover truly fantasises about, we closest switch off and think “he must be mad!”.

however long-lasting orgasm denial is not only far, far more shared than you think right now… there are truly some very positive benefits to you both in the practice.

However, the world is not a perfect place, and there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so it should come as no surprise to discover there are some downsides to it in addition.

In my own mind, and in my husband’s mind, the upsides greatly outweigh the downsides, and long-lasting orgasm denial is something we are in the time of action of beginning this practice in our marriage. We have practiced very-long-term orgasm denial for him for some years, but now we think it’s time to take that final step and make it long-lasting.

It’s important to realise this is not my decision alone, and definitely not one I am forcing on him or coercing him into. That’s probably the most important lesson I can ever give you about male chastity. Because if you don’t really embrace that idea, then you’re doubtful ever to get what you want from it.

OK, so let’s look at some concrete pros and cons of long-lasting orgasm denial.

First, the pros.

The first assistance is by far the biggest. It’s the enormous increase you get in the amount of physical and emotional intimacy you enjoy in your relationship.

A horny, aroused man is a loving and attentive man.

And if he’s emotionally mature, he is also not a bully or a pest (some men say they want orgasm denial, but what they really want is teasing followed by orgasm — and if they don’t get one, they get shirty. If your man is like this, then I suggest you refuse to play the game at all).

The second assistance is unlike just “long term” denial with occasional orgasms, your man can fully relax into his new life.

He can truly be himself and be open and sincere with you, because he knows ingratiating himself with you won’t help. He can’t earn, or whinge, or whine, or wheedle an orgasm from you, because he never gets one.

Period. Many men love the certainty this gives them in their lovemaking.

And the third assistance is he can focus all his attention in lovemaking on you. Many men tell me the reason they crave orgasm denial is they know thorough inside they are not fully satisfying their wives and girlfriends between the sheets. Then instinctively know orgasm denial will help them enhance this. And long-lasting orgasm denial simply takes this focus and concentration to its ultimate limit.

But, as I said before, it’s not all a bed of roses.

So, now the cons:

The first downside is it’s hard for him. I know it’s a hot fantasy for him, but virtually every time he’s played it out in his mind he’s brought himself to orgasm. If he’s living with long-lasting orgasm denial… that won’t happen. Ever.

The second downside is it’s hard work for a woman, too. You can’t just “lock him and leave him”. To make it work he wants teasing and edging and bringing right to the point of orgasm… and then he’ll beg you to let him have one.

And you won’t.


Once he’s calmed down he’ll be grateful, I potential.

But in that moment, it’s really very hard not to give him what he wants (and what you want, too, because, let’s confront it, it’s nice to make a man orgasm, isn’t it?).

And the third and final downside is he’s got to work harder and be more inventive with your sex life to make sure you don’t slip back into the old, boring ways, but this time with no orgasms! That won’t solve anything and, in fact, will blow up in your confront ultimately. Remember: chastity and orgasm denial are not the same as celibacy.

As you can see, it’s not clear cut at all, and long-lasting orgasm denial won’t suit everyone.

But if you’ve read his and you nevertheless have the desire for it, then it’s going to pay you back in spades to do your “due diligence” and inform yourself more deeply about the topic.

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