Is 5.5 Inches Enough To Give A Girl An Orgasm? It Wasn’t For Me, So I …


Is 5.5 inches enough to give a girl an orgasm? I’m not saying it’s too small for every girl out there, but for most women, it is a challenge to deliver an intense, satisfying orgasm with a smaller-than-average penis. I was only 5.5 inches once, so I know how difficult it is. However, I took action to become permanently larger and more satisfying, and any other guy can, too.

There are a associate reasons why 5.5 inches wasn’t enough for the women I slept with. First of all, most women get off on long, thorough satisfying strokes during sex. They just come off as smoother, more pleasurable, and more satisfying. With a short penis, my strokes were always short, choppy, and spastic — not sexy at all to most women. Also, being short like that really limited which locaiongs I could use during sex. I couldn’t maneuver into a girl from more creative locaiongs, so after a while with the same girl, our sex life would get really stale.

So how did I take action to become permanently larger? I studied up on natural enlargement techniques and learned how to use my hands to put traction on the soft tissue chambers of my penile shaft. This caused my shaft to elongate and expand permanently and as I got bigger, my confidence swelled in addition and now I can approach any woman for sex confidently, knowing there won’t be any issue at all when it comes to me being able to satisfy her. Best of all, once I took action with natural enlargement techniques, I started seeing size gains within about two weeks.

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