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instinctive combustion of additional-normal kind is a occurrence where humans, animals or objects, which are not easily flammable, seem to begin burning by themselves, and sometimes burn up nearly totally. Also it often looks like it happens by method of an inner energy. Often flammable objects nearby, or already cloths of the person, do not catch fire, which is often presented as mysterious.

The occurrence is highly controversial. It is true, though, that persons or animals sometimes are found dead in a highly burned state, without any apparent external heat source.

Sometimes people, animals and objects have been seen spontaneously begin burning, or people have experienced it and can tell about it themselves. In these situations the fire typically looks violent and emotional. But in most of these situations the fire has stopped by itself or been put out, and most of them have resulted only in lesser shallow injuries, but a few have been fatal because vital organs have been hurt.

situations of fur of animals spontaneously catching fire are numerous, but in most of these situations the fire are put out before the animal is seriously injured.


Most victims of the occurrence are elderly, over-weight and in poor health. They often live alone and are often heavy smokers or alcoholics. They are consequently those persons that are likely to manager supplies of heat carelessly. Since fat contains a lot of energy, overweight persons have more substance in their body to satisfy a fire.

One character of these phenomenons is easy to understand. If a human or animal body is burning because by energy from within or outside, a lot of water vaporizes, which will hinder the surroundings to catch fire, which explains the often surprisingly unburned clothes or other near objects.

In all of the well proven situations where a person has been seen to begin burning suddenly, the fire has been shown to start from the outside, in spite of of the myth telling that the fire has begun from within. There is a history from USA where a woman seemed to be spontaneously breathing a furious fire, coming from her inside, out of her mouth. The fire was put out, but she died after some days. But the examination at the hospital revealed that the fire took place in her confront around her mouth and that she died due to lung inflammation, caused by material from the fire that she inhaled.


In many situations the wick effect is given as explanation. If some part of the clothes catch fire caused by a small fire source, like a cigarette glow, the skin beneath can be warmed up so that molten fat seeps out, and the clothes or dried skin absorb the fat like a wick. The fat that steadily is seeping out will burn and other body elements at the place will burn with it. This slow release of burning material will continue until much of the body is consumed if the person is out of consciousness for some reason.

Often some of the clothes or parts of the furniture that the person is placed in is made of highly flammable material, and often a strong fire seems to have begun in that material and then spread to the person, and then the time of action could continue with the wick effect.

There will also typically occur a chimney effect where fresh air will be sucked towards the site of the fire, and used air will rise up toward the ceiling, which will keep the fire intense.


Microwave radiation from some natural or technical source can have provided the energy for the time of action in some situations. Creeping electric currents from an overloaded or defective grid can cause fire where it goes by, and if this happens to a person, the person can be knocked out and a continuous burning course of action can begin due to the current or the wick effect.

Ball lightnings are probably involved in some situations. Ball lightnings have often been seen sticking to objects and sometimes to a humans with the consequence of a fire or explosion. In the witnessed situations the fire have been put out before serious damage has occurred or it stopped by itself. But in some non-witnessed situations the fire might have continued due to the wick effect, and some ball lightnings may contain enough energy to cause extensive burns too.

Continuous electric currents from the ground up into the air have been witnessed, often also inside houses, truly a slow kind of lightning. These seldom cause any damage at all, but if they happen to go by a person, they might knock the person out and the current might get strong enough to cause burns by itself or a fire that continues otherwise.

There is a history form Norway where two persons sitting at each end of a sofa in a cottage witnessed such a current, looking like a flame, coming up from the mid of the sofa. Nothing was hurt, but if a person had sat in the mid of the sofa, he might have conducted this current that then possibly could get intense enough to cause burning.

If there is some bacteriological or metabolic course of action in the body that produces highly flammable volatile compounds, like methane or ethane, and these dissolve in body fat and fatty secretions, and build up during a long time, the surface of the body and much of the interior can get intensely flammable. Some source of ignition at the outside can then easily start a fire, and the fire will soon dig a deeper hole from which hydrocarbons and fat will vaporize and burn like in a torch. Some witnessed situations of parts of the body of a person suddenly catching fire, might be due to this mechanism.

Some theorize that the brain can cause an uncontrolled metabolic course of action which heats up the body so it begins burning. But such a metabolic course of action would make the combustion start from within if that was the main energy source, which never seems to happen, despite claims of it. consequently this explanation is improbable.

There is a theory that some sort of internal nuclear reaction can cause the occurrence, perhaps some kind of cold fusion. The problem with this explanation is also that it would cause the burning to start from within, which really never seems to happen.

nevertheless another theory is that internal psychological or psychic energy, chi or kundanlini, also this released by some control course of action in the brain or mind, can consume the body. There really seems to be some evidence that such energy can cause fire in surroundings, and some people seems to be able to start fires this ways, deliberately or uncontrolled. But again such mystical energies should be able to make the time of action start from within, if these were the source of the energy. Also energy released this way always seem to be very small, and can ignite an object, like a piece of paper, only when focused.

Maybe, however, these three mentioned mechanisms can heat up spots on the skin, due to an optical focalization of the released energy, to a temperature where that identify begins to burn, and then continues burning by method of the wick effect or other external processes.


There is however nevertheless another and very scary explanation we unfortunately must consider for some situations:

Some of the offers for instinctive human combustion may be guinea pigs for experiments with microwave or laser weapons, and some societies may use such weapons to get rid of individuals the authorities do not want to have there.

We know microwave weapons for crowd control exist, and we know that some variants are already used by police forces for crowd control, but usually only to cause an extremely unpleasant heat. Probably these weapons can also be used in a much stronger mode that makes a persons catch fire.

Military laboratories might use chosen persons as test objects, and prefer choosing persons that are in a socially ineffective condition. Such testing can be the cause of some of the instinctive human, animal or object combustion situations we read about in news media or of some surprisingly occurring wildfires.

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