I’m a Ukrainian refugee trying to find a great number in the UK


A UKRAINIAN refugee trying to find a great number in the UK has been bombarded with creepy messages from men.

Julia Skubenko, 30, wrote a desperate plea begging Brits to provide safe shelter but was met with a string of sleazy replies instead.



Julia Skubenko, 30, says her desperate plea was met by creepy messages from menCredit: Julia Skubenko/FacebookBasic


The Ukrainian businesswoman has been forced to flee her homeland and was seeking safety in a Brit homeCredit: Julia Skubenko/Facebook

After being forced to flee her beloved homeland to escape Russian troops, the refugee turned her hopes of a fresh start to Facebook.

Julia, who ran a successful cleaning company in Kyiv, wrote a poignant post alluring to an 18,000 strong group on the social media site.

Alongside a break of herself smiling, the businesswoman explained that she had never expected being “forced to move to England”.

But the despairing Ukrainian admitted she now “has to start over”, assuring willing hosts she would “get on her feet” as quickly as possible.

Julia, who moved to her war-torn country’s capital from a poor village, additional links to her social media profiles in addition as her mobile number.

However, her heartfelt plea was blighted by a series of single men offering her a room – with some asking her for “marriage”.

She told the Daily Mail she informed one man that she was only interested in homes with other women living there – when he made his ulterior motives disturbingly clear.

Julia claims he replied: “Too bad, we could have started a family.”

Another opportunist boasted he owned an oil company and a bank before offering to use her as his “assistant”.

The 30-year-old says she struggled to believe the men were “writing out of compassion” and is concerned Ukrainian women will be taken advantage of as they have no other option.

Julia said: “I’m worried about the girls from my country.”

She has now found a kindhearted great number after wading by the arrival of weird messages.

It comes amid fears the British government’s visa scheme could become “Tinder for sex traffickers”.

A senior council worker revealed that more than one in four of the 40 matches passed from the Home Office are between men aged over 50 and women in their twenties or early thirties.


The whistleblower voiced concerns a without of safeguarding measures could consequence in a “enormous abuse case”.

Around 1,000 refugees are thought to have been paired under the Government’s complicated Homes for Ukraine scheme, run by Michael Gove’s Levelling Up department.

But Labour’s Lisa Nandy, Shadow Levelling Up secretary, slammed the exploitative set up of the system.

She said: “Michael Gove has effectively produced Tinder for refugees, asking desperate people to swipe right to find sanctuary.

“This is a serious humanitarian crisis, not online dating. The government should take charge of matching people.”

Charities say delays and piles of paperwork for Brits are playing right into criminals’ hands.


Louise Calvey, of Refugee Action, said: “Issues with the scheme method it risks being a Tinder for sex traffickers.

“We are already aware of people with illegal motives advertising on social media.”



The 30-year-old said she fears for other unprotected refugeesCredit: Julia Skubenko/Facebook
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