If Anyone Can Be Psychic – How About Me?

If Anyone Can Be Psychic – How About Me?

Does it seem to you that your “psychic gene” mutated out of your system along with gills and tails? Are you drawn to subjects requiring “sight” and in addition are resigned to rely on someone else’s instead of your own?

While every individual has rare gifts in a certain area of life – math, music, sports – with practice and skillful determination, anyone can realize improvements in the area of their interest. The same is true for developing additional-sensory perceptions.

The first step is to determine an individual’s strong sense. We have three modalities that are dominant in gathering, storing, and recalling information – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. While we each have all three at our disposal, we use them in a hierarchy of preference.

Visual – People who are chiefly visually oriented tend to ingemination their memories by describing detailed pictures, using imagistic language. Visual experiencers can easily create a picture in their mind’s eye. Such people can easily develop clairvoyant talents, clearly seeing images when exploring past lives, looking into the future, seeing auras, and so forth. You may notice they use visual language to describe their memories, saying things like:

I see what you average.

Let’s take a look at that.

From my point of view…

Auditory – People who access memories chiefly by auditory method are, as a rule, more sensitive to information they hear. instead of storing a lot of visual detail, they are more likely to remember events in association with a piece of music or a catch phrase they heard. Auditory experiencers may learn concepts best by listening to a lecture and will more freely hear their spirit guides, hear conversations in past life explorations, and hear messages when making psychic inquiries. In communicating they tend to choose words that refer to auditory experience. They may say:

That sounds good to me.

I hear what you are saying.

I know I need to listen to my intuition more.

Kinesthetic – Kinesthetically oriented people are “feelers” who rely heavily on their gut instinct. They may be empathetic, gain psychic impressions by a knowing or a sense, and have talent with medical intuition. They have easy access to compassion, and use touch-oriented language. They may say things like:

That story didn’t feel right.

I’m a little touchy today.

I was moved by their thoughtfulness.

Once the preferred sensory modality is determined, it will be easier to access information about spirit guides, past lives, a future path, and more. After that, it is a matter of practice and calculating the veracity of the results.

When difficulties in psychic connections persist, it is advantageous to examine other factors that keep up a person back. These factors may include self-doubt, fear, difficulty with discernment of the veracity of the message, and the hesitation to take responsibility for that knowledge. As we are all ‘works in progress’, blocks and other signals we receive serve to provide us with feedback about areas where we can focus our own personal growth work. As we unprotected to gains in our own growth, our psychic gifts will continue to blossom.

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