I Can’t See – Do I Need Auric Glasses?


I can’t see. Do I need aura glasses? Where can I buy them? As far as I know auric glasses don’t exist. Cameras that can capture a picture of your aura at any given moment exist, but just as a looking at a photograph isn’t the same as knowing a person, seeing a snapshot of an aura won’t tell you very much.

Do you need a camera or a pair of glasses to see the aura? Of course, not! All you need are your eyes-all three of them. Why all three? Our visible eyes see differently from our Sensing Eye-the Third Eye, the Pineal Gland.

Auras release a different spectrum and wave lengths than what our two visible eyes can pick up by themselves. While our two eyeballs are more developed to see details and objects with before stored data, and consequently transmit more heavily to the left side of your brain, the Third Eye transmits more directly to the right side of the brain. To the Third Eye, attention is NOT in the details.

So you’ve strained and tried to aim eyes, but you see can’t see auras. It’s not that you need glasses or a camera; it’s how you go about it. More than likely, you’ve stared at some willing volunteer until they squirm with fatigue and you grow more and more frustrated. As time moves one, you probably begin to think, “Will this work? I am a failure? Will my friend tell my other friends I’m a fake? “As time marched on, you probably strained more and more, began to look for hard edges to bounce your vision against, and finally went all left brain on yourself. You began thinking instead of sensing, you began focusing on the subject, not the matter.

This oft-repeated exercise of staring at someone against a light colored wall just isn’t viable for some people when they first begin developing Auric Sight. For most people, it’s just too much pressure, whether from a volunteer who grows weary and skeptical or those old tapes that play in your head screaming, “You’ll never learn how to do this.”

So, first of all, it doesn’t need to be a light colored wall. I personally see auras more easily against dark walls. Stop asking people to volunteer as a guinea pig. Everything has an aura, already a piece of furniture, so take the pressure of success off. Don’t work with people and give your left brain a vacation.

I personally started working with trees during my lunch hour. I would eat my lunch and then depending on the weather, either sit in my car or on a bench outside the building and work on softening my focus on trees. Then I moved on to other things. This down time allowed me to relax, not just my body and mind, but my eyes. My friends weren’t running away from me and the trees had all the time and patience in the world.

The best viewing times are when you are tired, bored, very relaxed, or daydreaming. The best viewing times are when you don’t feel pressured. The worst time is when you TRY to see auras. So my recommendation is to forget the traditional instructions.

Next, open your definition of whether or not you are seeing auras and how you see them. I personally don’t often see a lot of colors. I guess the cones in my Third Eye aren’t as developed as my rods, but I see the layers of aura and what may be in them. I see them shift and move with thoughts etc. It’s usually as energy wave patterns or in black and white. sometimes, it looks like the aurora borealis and is breathtakingly beautiful. Black and white and especially energy patterns seem to be my strength instead of color. You might be like me and not see auras by-the-book.

If you’ve been saving up for Auric Glasses, bust open that piggy bank and use the money for a relaxing good time. Hang out in a hammock and stare up at the tree supporting it. You just might see an aura.

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