Hunter Gatherers, Farmers And The Discovery of ADD And ADHD

Hunter Gatherers, Farmers And The Discovery of ADD And ADHD

A Hunter Gatherer is a person who lives solely from what character provides. He hunts animals and fish for food and clothing and collect plants, insects, honey, sap to supplement his dietary needs and in many instances to provide him with his medicinal needs.

Until the last great ice age all humans living were hunter gatherers. There was plenty of large game species for everybody. The hunter gatherer clans would migrate along side their prey to ensure a long-lasting supply.

Man had tamed wolves by this time so he would take them along with him on his hunts and aim them to work in unison with him in a mutually advantageous way. The trained wolves would also help to protect him from attack from dangerous prey and other possible enemies.

Today a few examples of hunter gatherer existence nevertheless survive. Some bushmen in the Kalahari desert nevertheless live in this traditional way as do some aboriginal tribes in Australia, Africa, Borneo, Papua New Ginea and Some tribes in the Amazon rain forest. There may nevertheless be some tribes in South East Asia who nevertheless cling tho a hunter gatherer existence.

Until as recently as one hundred and thirty years ago there were nevertheless tribes in North America who lived in a hunter gatherer existence. Their culture is probably the best proven and most missed of all hunter gatherers. The injustice of how they were forced to give up their way of life together with the progressive philosophy with which they governed their lived are well proven and studied. Once thought to be a early savage, it is now fully understood that the way the American Indian lived in harmony and complete understanding for al aspects of character was as beautiful as it was complicate.

The difference between the civilized culture and their hunter gatherer culture was really only down to one thing. Agriculture.

Agriculture was the consequence of the last ice age. As herds of large game species dwindled and became little by little extinct, it became clear that man had to find different method of acquiring food.

To this end man would start to concentrate certain types of plants into plots and grow them so that he would have certain preferred food supplies near his home. As this new method of living grew so did acquired focused knowledge that was required to grow plants successfully. This was the dawn of what we call education. Education required man to pay attention for increased periods of time to particular subjects or responsibilities.

however hunter gatherers do nor require such extended periods of concentration. often it would need a short period of work per day from each member of the tribe to keep everybody clothed and fed. The rest of the day would be spent enjoying life and exchanging information. Knowledge was acquired from elders and experienced tribemen who would teach the craft of observing character in a wide and general context in which meaningful points would be noted.

As education developed for the farmer so did various roles of his brain that helped him to continue focus and attention. The hunter gatherer had very little need for this trait.

We today have a name for this without of attention span that is noticeable in hunter gatherers. We call it ADD or ADHD. In the dawn of the agricultural era only the most successful would have been capable of surviving. however in the hunter gatherer society everybody was accepted. If you couldn’t hunt you could always do something else in which you had more aptitude.

When Christian missionaries concentrated Indian or Aboriginal children into classrooms to enforce their farmer/Christian education upon them they reported that the children were worthless because all they could do was to stare out of the windows and day dream. Of course they looked out of the windows. They all had ADD or ADHD in our terms. The holy reverends classified this trend as a longing for savagery and more often than not lavish beatings were distributed as correction.

Contrary to shared belief, wars were quite few between hunter gatherer tribes and if hostilities commenced they we more like skirmishes and intimidation tactics designed to establish to re enforce boundaries. Fatalities were few and most injuries were survived. Savage techniques were taught by civilized people. Most native tribes thought beatings whippings, hangings and torture to be totally unacceptable. In America, violent methods were truly intensified from the fear that the unwelcome visitors would do the same to them, which they always did.

This lens is designed to give an insight into hunter gatherer life in the hope that we may learn more from these beautiful cultures that lived alongside character taking only what they needed.

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