How To Start A Business In Tough Times – Invest In Yourself, Buy An Ozone Business!

How To Start A Business In Tough Times – Invest In Yourself, Buy An Ozone Business!

Worried About The Economy? Ready To Take Control Of Your Life and Start Your Own Business??

There are answers and options. If you are like many people you have watched the steady decline of good jobs leaving the western world. Debt is on the increase, unemployment is on the rise, and the real numbers are far more staggering than the government admits to; official figures only mirror those receiving unemployment benefits not the actual numbers of non-working adults. What is worse is that the dispossessed workers, who are often sincere in their attempts to try to find, a solution or a new job; discover they are “overqualified” or the locaiongs for which they are qualified no longer exist!

There is good news!

There are several new business systems that have been developed in the last several years and are based around powerful ozone generator equipment. Unlike traditional franchise based business systems, there are no heavy-duty franchise fees, or costs, that are not related to the equipment itself. Stiff franchise fees make most franchise systems unaffordable to the average family. for example to buy into many of the exisitng franchise models the possible franchisee must pay a fee from between 50,000 to 250,000 dollars. In many situations the fees only cover a few thousand dollars worth of equipment to a small percantage of the fee charged. The bulk of the franchise fee is pure profit for the franchisor. Since the majority of these new ozone business and equipment systems are not a franchise you are free to run your new business your own way without all the start-up costs and red tape.

Low Start Up Costs!

Many of the non-franchise based business systems offer no real equipment, and all you get for thousands of dollars of investment is a pile of paperwork, three-ring binders, CD’s, and DVD’s. These are what I call the information only based business or opportunity systems. These systems are typical of many multi-level marketing kind products. Information only systems can be made to turn into profitable home based businesses, but alas the great majority, from my experience are better at extracting money from the hopeful business person instead of providing them with a viable copyable form. They also potential riches and hope- instead of offering a viable, sustainable, substitute-income form. And speaking of multilevel marketing companies and schemes, many of these companies encourage participents to buy lots and lots of products to re-sell. Sadly many of these failed multi-level marketers are left with garages or basements complete of products which they were unwilling or unable to sell or spread; and the multi-level victim is left holding the goods and the hole in their bank account.

These New Ozone Opportunities Are Different!

Many of these new ozone business opportunites are located the USA and offer tough hand built ozone equipment. in any case equipment you decide to buy make sure it was developed with the end user in mind. Ideally select one of the companies who offer machines, and are also end users of the equipment not just manufacturers. When you invest in an ozone equipment and business system, you are making an investment in yourself. Make sure to select heavy duty contractor grade equipment. There are four rare separate businesses that can be run with these ozone generators. All are separate independent business systems which the average person can be trained to implement, with very little technical skills, or background knowledge, or experience. Users report success stories from all walks of life, from college students, to retirees already housewives. Since the equipment does most of the work while the user is off site (ozone is not safe to be breathed) the equipment can be made to work for you. What’s best is, all it takes is a little gumption and stick-to-it-iveness, as there is very little competition in these new and exciting fields! What are they? What would you be doing? There are four exciting opportunities to use these heavy duty ozone equipment and business systems with if you want to make money!

Odor Removal:

This exciting new field has limitless possibilities. It takes less than a few hours to learn the ropes, and the best way to get experienced is to give away free treatments to possible customers that are what are called in the business, “bird dogs”. These are people that are in the position to refer future business and future clients to you. Who needs odor removal? Apartment building owners need odor removal. REO Realtors need to get rid of smells in houses. Used card dealerships need to get rid of cigarette and other smells. Gymnasiums need to get rid of sweat smells. Bowling alleys need to get rids of cigarette odors. Bars and restaurants need to get rid of food, beer, and cigarette odors. Auctioneers need to get rid of old people smells in estate homes. Homeowners need to get rid of musty basement smells. Pet grooming centers need to get rid of wet dog smells… Hotels need to get rid of all kind of smells. The list goes on and on!

character Sanitizing:

There are nearly as many opportunities for finding santizing customers as there are odor removal customers, the list is nearly endless! When you run any serious ozone equipment, you not only fill the space with a gas (that is made from the air itself) that completely eliminates the odors; you also kill 100% of the germs, bacteria viruses and mold spores too. But with sanitizing there is one huge assistance over simple odor removal, the sale is a repeat sale, and these customers need to be treated over and over again, this method a veritable cash machine. That’s right, in the sanitizing business there are customers whose places of business have a high traffic quantity, and get ordinarily placed under germs. That method the opportunity exists to sell the customer a monthly service agreement, and with repeat treatments you get a revenue stream that builds on itself. Who needs sanitizing? Doctors offices need sanitizing. Dentist offices need to get sanitized. Gymnasiums need to get sanitized. Taxi cabs need to get sanitized. Buses need to get sanitized. Daycare and childcare offices nee to get sanitized.Elder care facilities and nursing homes need to get sanitized. Businesses need to get sanitized to cut down on worker absence! Convention centers need to get sanitized! Sporting teams locker rooms need to get sanitized!

Mold Remediation:

Ozone equipment can be used in conjunction with mold remediation training and certification. There are many national mold certification and training programs obtainable that will teach you to offer completely effective, field proven completely mold remediation which are used in conjunction with ozone machines. Mold contractors are using ozone equipment as far away as Australia and Canada, to safely use a mold removal system and ozone generators, to start raking in the big bucks. Mold is gold, they say in the construction industry. Mold is the new asbestos, say the lawyers. Black mold is completely detrimental to health. Today it is completely impossible to sell a home with mold at all. You can be trained to use ozone machines and remediation techniques, to completely eliminate mold. Thousands of homeowners have used ozone equipment to solve mold problems in their own homes.

Green Pest Control:

Ozone equipment can be used for completely green pest control that utilizes the strength of an ozone generator. It is a good idea to guarantee success to add basic oils, and one of a variety of natural dusts. Purdue University recently proved ozone is capable to be used as a 1 time, 100% kill system, that works for bedbugs in 1 high intensity application.. Since killing bugs with ozone requires 10 times the gas quantity, as it does to kill germs or odors, when you invest in enough equipment to kill bedbugs you automatically get enough equipment to do odor removal and sanitization too! Bedbugs are on the rise, infesting America, and ozone machines are the tools to stop them! This is another low labor low skill system, that a novice can learn in no time. Pest Control licenses are not necessary in most states to use ozone to kill bugs (check with your state)!

To Recap:

When you invest in an ozone generator based business systems, unlike expensive franchises, you don’t have to use tens of thousands of dollars. When you buy an ozone business and equipment system, unlike multilevel marketing, you don’t need to use any money on costly inventory to sell to your customer; as ozome treatments are a service based business! When you buy an ozone business system, it is not a way to get high quick, but rather, it is a way to use very little money and buy yourself a new career, one where you become your own boss, and finally get to call your own shots. When you buy an ozone equipment system, you get way more than books, CD’s, and DVD’s; you get the equipment you need, to make your dreams come true. Unlike most home based businesses ozone machines are heavy duty contractor grade tools that will last and last, and with a little elbow grease can keep making you money for years to come. Invest in yourself and your family, consider buyning a new career for yourself today!!!!

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