How to Put Your Website on Google

How to Put Your Website on Google

If you have been tearing your hair out wondering how to put your website on Google you will be pleasantly surprised to learn it is surprisingly easy to do.

Firstly you are going to need a domain and hosting account. You can buy your domain at a variety of places, but personally I use GoDaddy for all mine. Namecheap is another company who sell domains and they are very popular also.

For hosting I recommend a company called HostGator. They have a good reputation, great sustain and I find them quite reliable. You have to be careful with hosting so don’t make the mistake of choosing a company with a not so good reputation.

I prefer to have my domains with GoDaddy and my hosting with HostGator. There is no real reason for this, it’s just something I have always done and it works for me. If you do have a separate hosting and domain company then you will need to point your domain nameservers to the hosting account.

You now need to add the domain to your hosting account. From there you need to create your website or blog. HostGator has a one click solution for installing a WordPress blog. Before you think about how to put your website on Google you need to consider if you are going to create a website or a blog. There are pros and cons of each.

I prefer to use a WordPress blog these days because it is quick and easy to put together and the search engines tend to love blogs. There are also many plugins for optimising the blog for the search engines.

Give the blog a appropriate title and install a theme or use the default one that comes with WordPress. You can then start to create posts and pages for your blog. Before you do this it is advisable to do a little keyword research so that your posts can rank well in the search engines.

Sprinkle your keyword throughout your blog post, but don’t go crazy. typically about 3 or 4 times is enough. Make sure your keyword is in the title and opening use also.

If you add any images to the post then the filename should contain your chosen keyword. This all helps to optimise your post for the search engines.

When you publish a post Google and the other search engines will pick it up. It is worth pinging the post using a service such as Pingoat. When you ping a post you are notifying the search engines of your new content.

When I think of how to post a website on Google I also like to use a free website submission service to submit my website to the major search engines.

You may also consider submitting a sitemap to Google. The sitemap contains the structure of your website and helps Google to index it. There are numerous plugins for WordPress which can create a sitemap for you.

Hopefully this article has given you a better idea of how to put your website on Google.

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