How to Perform Jelqing and Penis Stretching Exercises Correct

Jelqing may seem like it might be an easy exercise, however it might take a associate of weeks of practicing before you are able to perform the exercise correctly and feel comfortable in the locaiongs and motions.

Here are some tips about things you should know and expect:

* Always warm-up before you perform any PE exercises (Get blood flowing)

* Use lubricant when jelqing. Use lotion, baby oil, cocoa butter, Vaseline are all good products for jelqing.

* Penis should be in a semi-erect state, but not completely erect until you get more progressive.

* Remember that growing your penis bigger is going to take time. Be patient. You can hurt yourself if you try to rush the time of action.

* It might be difficult for you to jelq correctly while not getting aroused and/or ejaculating. One good method you can use when trying to resist complete erection is squeeze your penis as hard as you can and keep up for a while. This will deter the erection.


If your right handed:

Take your right index finger and put it over the top of your penis, and put your thumb on the bottom of your penis creating a O shape around your penis. The index finger and your thumb should be similar with each other and horizontal.

If you’re left handed, do the opposite.


Once you have your position correct slow apply pressure and move your hand to the tip of your penis pushing the blood to the tip. This motion will expand the blood tissue in the 3 chambers in your penis. Over time this creates long-lasting penis enlargement. After each stroke you want to switch the the opposite hand and a smooth automatic fact.

**Please observe: Be careful not to apply to much pressure to your penis. You can hurt yourself. Little red spots are alright, but you don’t want big huge red patches that cover large areas on your penis.


Here are some tips about things you should know and expect:

* It is recommended that you perform the stretching exercises while in the flaccid state.

* You may experience slight soreness and discomfort while performing exercises and after.

* If you are uncircumcised pull the skin back from the tip of your penis.

* Stretching can be helped by using items such as baby powder, gloves ( batting gloves, golf gloves), a cut piece of shirt or sock. You can get creative with stuff to use while do stretching exercises.


Penis stretching exercises can be performed a bunch of different ways. The best method that I have found is to put your penis between your buttocks while in a semi erect state and sit on your penis. Or put your penis under one of your legs and sit on it. Sounds funny but this will stretch the penile ligament and tendons consequently lengthening your penis. You can also grip the penis with your hand or with the cloth piece under the tip of penis and pull straight out. some people say they add a twisting motion to the straight pull and doing this further stretches the penile tissue. When performed correctly you should feel slight discomfort but not painful.

Stretching is a great addition to jelqing. The great thing about stretching is you can stretch your penis out every time you take a pee and be in complete privacy. You can do it before you go to bed or basically anywhere you want. You can use your imagination.

Beginners should begin dedicating 10-15 minutes per day towards stretching and 10-15 minutes of jelqing exercises. Increase your time for both after a few weeks. You will see great gains.

Good Luck!

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