How to Make Your Penis Thicker – Exercises That Really Work to Thicken…

How to Make Your Penis Thicker – Exercises That Really Work to Thicken…

The new year of 2010 will be great for you as you learn how to make your penis bigger with exercises that really work and can make your penis thicker and longer. How exciting this year is going to be with you and your new penis hitting the clubs and maybe already finally asking that girl out for a date! You can do this and we are here to help make sure you learn how to make your penis bigger! Let’s start off with some simple hand exercises that can be seen more as a warm-up routine.

Start by grasping your penis in either the left or right hand and gently contracting and loosening your penis. This is to get the blood flowing and the warmth of your hand will open up the capillaries of the skin of the penis allowing more blood to go down to your unit. ingemination that blood flow is the single most important aspect of a larger and bigger penis and the only way other than surgery that your penis will become thicker. After the initial warm-up session has transpired and is about 10 to 15 minutes, it is time to start gently massaging with alternate and hands in a downward stroke toward the head of the penis.

This exercise is referred to as the seed method and was seen as revolutionary in the early 1990’s for penis enlargement. Please do not be discouraged if you do not see immediate results as these exercises take time but ingemination the old saying; that nothing that does not take a little additional time, is worth anything.

After a few of these repetitions every other night, you will be ready for phase two of the penis thickening course of action. If you haven’t got excited by now it’s time to get excited as your penis will become thicker and these exercises will only help that goal. You have spent your whole life with an undersized penis or the belief that your penis is too small and now it is time to do something about it. As usual with any hand penis stretching exercise, you must use quality lubrication before a single stroke is mandated. After you have become comfortable with these hand penis stretching exercises, it is time to start looking at a goal.

The first goal in your mind is that this enlargement will be achieved in the next month or so. A nice starting to increase your penis would be a quarter of an inch in girth for the first month. Although this does not sound like a very big jump it really is when you take into consideration the actual non-stimulated girth of your penis now. The size of a quarter, in diameter is a good barometer of a non-stimulated penis girth size in the average male. A quarter of an inch improvement is a humongous increase in a girth of any penis, and one swollen with blood and the three sacks that are contained within the penis, will make already more of a girth difference. Simply by thinking about the gain can help make your penis longer and thicker.

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