How To Locate Fish Oil Capsules With High DHA Quantity

How To Locate Fish Oil Capsules With High DHA Quantity

Why should you look for fish oil capsules with high DHA quantity? The simple reason is that DHA builds healthy brains. If you are a mother to be, or if you are looking for the most important supplements for your children under the age of eight, or if you are concerned about the devastating diseases of aging, the best brands for you are those that are highest in DHA.

What is DHA?

DHA is the commonly used abbreviation for docosahexaenoic acid, one of the two important omega-3 basic fatty acids in fish oil. It has some really exceptional benefits for human health, many of which are never mentioned by advertisers.

  • A study sponsored by the March of Dimes Foundation found that children who get more DHA in their diets have fewer sinus infections and colds.
  • Researchers have found that this nutrient slows down the growth of some kinds of colon cancer cells. It does not kill them, but it keeps them from multiplying.
  • Preliminary studies have found that high intakes of this nutrient reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly.
  • at the minimum one study has found that DHA helps relieve mild to moderate depression (although it is not a replace antidepressants, and no one should stop taking a doctor-prescribed medication in favor of fish oil).

Several studies have found that this vital omega-3 fatty acid also yields tremendous, assessable benefits for children. A study in the Netherlands found that babies born with higher DHA levels (measured from umbilical cord blood) were more likely to master basic motor skills such as tying shoes or catching a ball by the age of 8. They were also less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD.

A study sponsored by a maker of infant formula found that babies who got DHA said their first words earlier. And other studies have found that this ingredient is connected to better vision and more fluent speech in elementary school children.

You don’t absolutely have to take fish oil to get your DHA. by a series of six chemical responses, the body can make DHA out of a plant-oil part known as ALA. There is ALA in flaxseed oil and in other healthy plant oils, although almost every plant oil except flaxseed oil truly contains more inflammation-producing omega-6 fatty acids than ALA, and using them in supplements is counterproductive.

The problem with relying on plant oils from your DHA is that you have to consume a lot of high-calorie oil to get a little DHA. There is simply more of this substance to start with in fish oil, and some brands have more than others. It all has to do with how they extract the oil from their fish.

Some companies chop up fish and steam them. This gives you a mix of various omega-3’s and some “marine liquids” that can go bad.

nevertheless, other companies chop up fish and mix them with a toxic solvent called hexane. It separates oil from water but it’s not a great idea to put poison in your fish oil.

And, finally, some companies use progressive extraction methods that remove oils from fish with the air itself. This method naturally separates DHA from the other fish-oil nutrient EPA so the DHA can be concentrated. These are the brands that do the most good for growing bodies and aging brains.

Which brands of fish oil concentrate DHA? Well, the one I personally take and recommend is such a brand. At my website, you can read more about this superior-quality supplement and how it is helping millions enhance their health and well-being.

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