How to Get an AMAZING Psychic Reading For UNDER $25 (Good, Better and BEST!)

How to Get an AMAZING Psychic Reading For UNDER $25 (Good, Better and BEST!)

Who else is excited for the coming New Year, and wants to celebrate by treating yourself to an amazing psychic reading? Are you looking for an accurate, well respected and genuinely world class psychic, but are starting to find that their rates are OUTSIDE of your ability to provide? Or, have you been finding yourself ending up on “cheesy” psychic websites, blogs and forms, where they offer FREE readings that appear pretty bad, a bit suspicious and not confidence building to boot?

If you said YES to any of the above… you are NOT alone! As a matter of fact, as a specialized writer, researcher and psychic affiacionado myself, most people who I speak to have the very same concern. They either find themselves unable to provide the reading they really want, OR find that going for the ultra low cost options consequence in really ridiculous readings that aren’t so psychic at all.

The good news? I’ve gotten HUNDREDS of readings in my day, and have rated and reviewed more psychics, sets and mediums than I can count.

I’m going to give you 3 super simple ways to get a GREAT reading for under $25, and then proportion which one is my favorite and why.

1 – Psychic Fairs and Local Events

A GREAT way to get low cost readings, and you’ll typically find that the average price is rarely above $25-$35 dollars. The downside is they can be crowded, and getting the psychic you WANT is often easier said than done, as the cream of the crop tends to attract long lines. (plus they can be a tad bit more pricey, and nevertheless a bit hit or miss in addition when it comes to accuracy)

2 – Psychic Meet-ups

This is BETTER, as you truly are joining a community of friends and fans of psychic occurrences overall. I’ve not only made some great friends from this course of action that offer thorough discounts on their readings to me as a friend and member of the group, but most meet-ups will have monthly meetings where you pay a fee and get both group, and individualized readings in addition. (although “tipping” is promoted for the personal readings which CAN excursion the price up a bit)

3 – Telephone Psychic Networks

The BEST approach in my view. Why? 1 – they’re GUARANTEED to be great, or you get a refund. (or, at the minimum they are if you call a network that offers this policy, which is what I recommend!) 2 – there is varied, and you can literally pick the specific kind of psychic you want. 3- They are CHEAPER, and often, a 20 minute phone reading can be had for 20 bucks, and provide more information than you’d pay in person, for an hour of small talk.

If you are serious about psychic readings, or just disinctive but NOT convinced, there has NEVER been a better time to get a peek at what YOUR future holds. (especially with a brand new year here!)

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