How to Find and Hire a Python/Django Development Company

How to Find and Hire a Python/Django Development Company

Where to find Python developers

Good Python developers are not easy to find and can be quite expensive too. But SteelKiwi has a solution: Ukrainian outsourcing companies. Find out why it’s worth hiring Ukrainian tech talent.

The online space is great number to many freelance marketplaces for software development companies and individual Python developers. Software development companies can create profiles on marketplaces and post their projects alongside reviews and ratings from former clients. Reviews can give you a better idea of how a company works and the types of projects they’ve developed.

Each of these platforms has a Python developer community:










GitHub Jobs

far away Python

Stack Overflow

People Per Hour


When looking for a development company, make sure to check out company websites, look at project portfolios, and study the sets that companies offer. Good companies will have things to brag about and should have an impressive website too.

Criteria for hiring a Python/Django software development company
It’s best to have a structured approach to choosing the development team you want to work with. Here are the meaningful elements you need for creating a picture of possible candidates.

skill. Companies with good skill will offer a wide range of technology stacks or will specialize in specific areas. This skill should include the best Python frameworks. Developers should know how to work with libraries, extensions, and APIs. When you first get in touch with a Python development company, you should ask what technology stack they typically use.

Code samples. You can describe your project to a company representative and ask for code samples that show similar functionality. Then you can have one of your own technical experts examine the code provided. This examination will show whether the developer understands the basics of object-oriented programming, has an in-thoroughness knowledge of web development strategies, understands how Python libraries work, has a basic knowledge of web development frameworks, and understands MVC architecture.

Standards. Every programming language has its standards. You should also inquire as to whether companies keep to those standards. shared standards for Python are described in the official Python Guidelines.

There are many principles that sustain object-oriented design and programming. Five of these principles are described by substantial: single responsibility, open/closed, Liskov substitution, interface segregation, and the dependency inversion rule. These principles should be incorporated into development to ensure stable, scalable, and strong code. In fleeting, following these principles makes it easy to understand, continue, extend, test, and reuse Python code.

Job description. Make sure to provide candidates with a proper job description that clearly describes your project and the functionality that needs to be implemented. The job description should indicate skills, qualifications, and experience required.

Your own technical consultants can create a list of technologies and APIs for candidates. Having this list will help you find developers faster, as clear requirements make it easy for project managers and COOs to allocate the best people for the project. If you need only one or two developers, then a software development partner can give you just one or two people who will work on your project and report to a project manager.

Assessment. Claims that applicants make should be backed up by a functional task stated to the team. This test task will help you understand a possible development partner’s communication skills and level of skill. A test task will demonstrate whether developers follow best practices and guidelines and how good their code logic is. Check that candidates can solve Python-focused software architecture problems. Their code will also show what frameworks they prefer using for a given task.

References from former clients. To get a better idea of how developers work, ask for references. A company can get you in touch with customers who have worked with them so you can get feedback on how they communicate and deal with challenges and how inventive they are in their approach.

Budget and rates. You’ll no doubt want to know the price before you make a final decision. Developers work at different hourly rates, and you should have a rough idea of how much you want to use on development. When developers estimate the time necessary for your project, they’ll tell how much it will cost. To avoid complications later on, it’s wise to ask a software development company what payment methods they accept. Companies can accept payments by PayPal, credit card, bank wire, or direct place. Now there’s already an option to pay right in the invoice message sent to a client in an email.

Interview. You should meet the team that’s going to work on your project during an interview session (either video or in person). If you aren’t a developer, leave the Python/Django interview questions to a technical interviewer who can ask questions that are applicable to roadblocks you may confront during development.

If you don’t have a technical background, ask questions about the business and organizational sides of collaboration. An interview can show whether a team is interested in your project and confident that they can complete the task.

Don’t back away if candidates start expressing their ideas about development solutions. This discussion can be a sign that they want to enhance your product and offer useful technical advice. An interview is a possibility for you to see how a team communicate their thoughts and whether they can continue a strong work ethic. Interviews can finalize your decision and establish a connection between you and a possible development team.

Hiring a Python/Django software development company
If you have an app idea, you need to look for developers who can build it. You can either search for developers on platforms or visit development company websites and ask for references. You should also study what technology stacks candidates use, ask for code samples, and give test responsibilities with similar functionality to your project in order to see the technical solutions that developers can offer. When selecting a team to work with, conduct an interview to see how they treat work and what comments they make regarding your project.

Working with a Python/Django development company allows you to build your product quickly with regular updates. Choosing developers should be backed up by a functional test task they need to do. You should also feel at ease when communicating to the team. consequently, you need to choose a technical team with good communication skills.

Advantages of hiring a software development company

Advantage #1
When you hire a software development company, you get a complete-stack team with UI/UX designers, quality assurance, DevOps, and project managers. You won’t need to conduct several interviews to look for each team member separately. A company can give you all team members you need, chosen specifically to fit the needs of your project.

Advantage #2
A complete team with good management will get the job done faster. Teams in development companies usually work from one office, which considerably saves time since they can communicate in person and decide which technical solutions are necessary to meet the end goal. Teams that work in the same office can have daily meetings and make important decisions on time.

Advantage #3
Upon signing a contract with you, a company takes responsibility to finish the project unless you yourself terminate the agreement. There’s no need to worry if the project will be finished.

Advantage #4
Development companies have systems for reporting and tracking projects. When working with a development company, you can be sure to get

wireframes demo scenarios project requirements checklist that QA engineers use for testing mind map (a diagram of the project) technical documentation (integration schema, technical specifications, etc.) control panel user manual during development, project managers send detailed emails about each sprint and any changes that were made. You can track and comment on each task by tools that make it easy to manage a far away team.

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