How to Change the Blower Motor on Your Hot Air Furnace

How to Change the Blower Motor on Your Hot Air Furnace

You have checked it all out and found out that your blower motor for you hot air furnace isn’t willing to turn anymore. Now, how do you get that motor out of there and get a new one in its place? the time of action really is not as difficult as it may look. Getting things apart is not all that bad if you know where to look and what to do.

The strength goes to the motor, but the motor will not turn. The blower wheel spins freely, so you know that the motor is bad. Now let’s get to removing the blower from the furnace so that we can get the motor changed.

The covers are off and the strength is off to the unit. The wires to the motor have been disconnected. Now you need to look for the screws that keep up the blower in the unit. If you have an up flow unit you may have to stand on your head to see them. They are typically in the top flange of the blower bracket, at the front edge of the blower. Sometimes you may have to remove a condensate trap or the box that holds the furnace module to get to the screws and definitely to remove the blower assembly.

Once you find the screws and remove them along with at all event else is in front of the blower you can then slide the blower assembly out towards the front of the unit. Most blowers are sliding on a track of some kind. They will just slide right to you as you pull them out. Getting them out is easy getting them to slide back in correctly is another story.

Once you have removed the assembly, mark the position of the motor wires so that you can position the new motor the same. Usually there are three screws that keep up the motor bracket. Remove the screws and loosen the set screw in the blower wheel center. Place the blower assembly over something that will allow the motor to hang freely. By lightly tapping the shaft with a rubber hammer or piece of wood you can get the motor to drop out of the center of the blower wheel. If the tapping does not work try to spray the shaft with a lubricant and turn it with a pliers or wrench. Be careful not to score the shaft as this will make it hard for the shaft to slide by the center.

Once the old motor is out, you can then remove the motor bracket from the old motor and reinstall it on the new motor. Remount the motor to the blower and tighten the blower center set screw so that the blower spins freely. Reinstall the blower assembly, hookup the motor wires, replace any other things that were removed and you should be ready to make heat again!

Always make sure that you have removed all strength before starting your work. use gloves to protect your hands from the sharp metal edges of the blower assembly pieces. Changing your blower motor can be done by most any do it yourself person, with a bit of patience. It is not a job you can hurry by. If you get frustrated, walk away for a bit. It is amazing what happens when you cool down and try with a fresh start again. Take your time, be careful, and be safe!

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