How to Begin Making Money Online for Beginners – Looking at It Differently

How to Begin Making Money Online for Beginners – Looking at It Differently

Everybody knows that if you have something to sell, something that is yours, you can probably make some money out of it. It is not uncommon though for you to sell something that does not belong to you but however you make money from it. There are various version, ways and techniques in the Internet Business to make money though the effectiveness of the obtainable opportunities may vary. Capitalizing the Internet to sell is a norm today and e-commerce is now an important aspect of the marketing frontier for almost everybody with Computers and the Internet. If more than 200 million people worldwide can easily be reached via the Internet, can you just pretend that nothing is happening within the Marketing Community?

Now, the big question is; How to begin making money from the Internet?

Firstly, there are abundant of items that you can put up for sale. The list never ends. You will have to decide what you want to promote. Whether physical products of your choice, sets that you can provide, virtual items that you are knowledgable about, ebooks with PLR, some hobby items or packages that you can offer, or perhaps some holiday package or travel arrangements. You decide. Now, e-commerce is something that we already know is directly connected to the Internet business. E-commerce is not the only method of doing business on the net. If you thin down the idea towards “making money online” then, you have already narrowed down your interest to a smaller scope.

To lay down a complete report on “how to start” is not easy. Internet Marketeers would probably know that there are countless number of ways to make money online. One cannot possibly cover everything on one page but let us thin down to two (2) popular items. For starters let us pick (1) Direct Trading/eBay and (2) Affiliate Marketing. From there we work out a plan to set up your intended business.

Let us focus on these two popular aspects of making money online.

Direct Trading/eBay.

Selling your stuff on eBay remains one of the more obvious ways to make money online. If you are a beginner, perhaps to auction some uncommon items, something that is hard-to-find, that you already own can likely make bigger profit for you on eBay. Put up something to offer for sale is a shared idea. Let us start simple.

You need to create a seller’s account on eBay, and for purposes of verification, you will be asked to give details about your credit / debit card or bank account. A digital camera, for taking attractive pictures of your items for sale, is also recommended. Beginners who need tips on how to make money online can try the New to eBay Board in eBay’s forums. eBay is one of the online selling sites that you can use. There are others like Ubid, Amazon, eBid Auctions, Oztion, Craig’s List, Bidtopia, to name a few. Lets not get messy. The idea now, is you have to choose one wisely. Do research if you must, but start to register at one or two site first thing. Must start somewhere and proceed from there on. Then there is;

Affiliate Marketing.

This is how affiliate marketing programs work:

You place a link on your site or blog that sends people to the Website you are affiliated with. Or perhaps you can send by way of e-newsletter, by direct email by your affiliate link provided by your Publishers or Sellers. If they buy something there, then you get a commission as a reward for sending customers to the company’s Website. Never forget to register into their Affiliates program first. You can loose a lot of time and effort if you don’t. So, sign up into your choice of Affiliates program before anything else. Make your research, get recommendation or what ever but sign up. Most are free to sign up.

Becoming an affiliate for a company is probably one of the more easily implemented ways to go about Internet marketing, though it is not without its pitfalls too. Do not indiscriminately join a lot of programs just to increase your chances of commissions. Choose wisely. Most companies provide access to their resources and you can promote using banners, graphics and other promotional aids if obtainable. Try to join specifically targeted affiliate marketing programs.

What to do next or before everything else.

When starting out a venture, you need tools in order to succeed. Internet marketing requires tools that may be simple at the onset, but can get more complicated as the needs become more different.


A workstation with above-average speed and memory should be enough for most Internet marketing ventures. Remember, most online marketing activities require various research and tracking software to monitor sales, analyze leads, observe competitors, follow market trends, or update ads, and make adjustments to your automated marketing program. Invest in the speed of your computer’s processor chief and the capacity of your PC’s working memory. Depending on your area of online marketing, you will have to install various Web analytical software vital to keeping you updated. Nowadays, a 3.0ghz or more processor and a 4gb RAM is pretty standard. Everybody knows that. Let us assume that you have the necessary hardware in place.

Next you must get a:


Of course, having an online marketing program should require having a website clearly. Website design for marketing purposes is a crucial component in your marketing agenda, so getting your storefront or customer interface right is imperative. You can get free website up but we recommend paid ones against freebies of which you will have better control and can be free to do as you preferred it.


Hosting also requires important investment on the entrepreneur’s part. There are a lot of hosting options obtainable online, and some of the biggest names out there are:,,,,,,,

Review at the minimum some top ten choices and make your choice. There are reasonable hosting plan costing below US$10 per month for you to invest on.

Are you following me so far? To tell you the truth. It is hardwork all the way. It is not easy as you think.

Now if up till now you think it is too complicated for you. Then, I would rather recommend you to Site Built It! (SBI) to solve all your nightmares. Instead of just building a website or blog you can focus on building a Business. It will cost a bit more than usual but it takes the burden off your shoulders on the technical aspect of managing your website. It is all about you starting and building your own business online by employing professionals to take care of the other matters and leaving you to enhance your Business in the right direction. It is most appropriate for those who are serious about making money on the Internet and want to focus on building their business instead of managing their website. There are other examples for you to follow but let us take it one step for a start. Once you understand this idea of Business Development your focus on website building would never be the same again.

Finally, there are endless information you can get from the Internet but be aware. The rule is, beware of scams and empty promises. There are many out there waiting to catch keep up of your wallet if you are not careful and wise in your decision. If you intend to make money online, start somewhere, somehow. Never wait another minute. Just ask yourself whether it is better to do everything on your own for a start, if you are new that is, or is it better to fast start with a well planned business setup. Your online business made easy by expert advise. Everything is there for you to concentrate on just building your business instead of building just a website. Think about it.

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