How Much Does Beyonce Weigh Now?

How Much Does Beyonce Weigh Now?

Beyonce’s weight has hovered between 128 lbs for the movie “Dreamgirls” and back to 143 lbs which is her normal range. She had chosen to lose weight for the role in “Dreamgirls” to provide the character the image and style that she had changed over time.

Beyonce was able to do so by undertaking a diet plan that consists of water, maple syrup, lemon and cayenne pepper combination. With that as the only method of sustenance she took, it is no surprise that she lost so much weight at so short a time. She admitted though that during her diet program, she felt like she was “dying”. She has then stopped doing the program and has returned to her normal eating regimen of what she says “fat filled processed foods”. She has received criticism for using Master Cleanse to lose weight since it is not a diet plan but just a simple cleansing regimen.

Since that time, she has returned to her normal “bootylicious” weight of 143 lbs and has been at the top of the charts again with her new album “I am Sasha Fierce” and was last seen watching the NBA All Star Game in Phoenix with husband Jay Z who is part owner of the New Jersey Nets.

In her video, “Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)”, she steps out and prances in all her 143 lbs with all the curves in the right places. So how much does Beyonce weigh now? She was able to continue her average weight of 143 lbs until present time.

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