How Long Must I Jelq to Get a Longer Penis?


With the rise in popularity of natural penis enlargement, many men are becoming more aware of the routines they can perform with just their hands to lengthen their penis. Probably the most popular free penis enlargement exercise is jelqing. Basically, jelqing is forcing more blood into the semi-erect penis than it would typically keep up, consequently creating a stretch from within the penis resulting in length and girth gains. This article addresses one frequently asked question; How long must I jelq to get a longer penis?

Firstly, the physical act of jelqing should be explained properly as there are incorrect techniques obtainable over the web.

The penis should first be warmed up, by either a 15 minutes warm shower or by applying a heat pack/pad to the area for 15minutes. The penis will then need to be erect, about 70% erect is advised by most experts, and lubricated using a personal lubricant or Vaseline. Grasp the penis with an ‘OK grip’ (make the OK sign with your hand and grab the base of the penis with the palm of your hand facing down) and milk towards the head of the penis with a fairly firm grip. Once you have completed one jelq, grab the penis by the base with the other hand using the ‘OK grip’ and do another jelq. Each stroke should last 2 to 4 seconds. Continue jelqing using these instructions. Afterwards the penis will need to be warmed down, using either a shower or heat pad for 15 minutes.

Most experts advise that men should complete 150 jelqs, once a day, each day for two to three weeks. 150 is a good number of jelqs to begin with because it will condition the penis to persevere this kind of penis enlargement technique. Overdoing it to begin with can cause bruising, burst blood capillaries and blisters. So be sure to stick to the 150 jelq limit for the first two to three weeks. Once the initial 2/3 weeks has been completed, increase each jelq session by 50 repetitions each week. So in week 4, you can perform 200 jelqs per day. In week 5 you can do 250 jelqs per day etc.

The progressive jelqer, by week 12, you will be able to perform 600, 2-second jelqs, which will take around 20 minutes to complete. However, 20 minutes is not necessarily required to increase penis size and erection quality. Each jelq you do, whether it be 150 or 600, will be increasing your penis size slowly. It is important to remember that jelqing is not a sprint, it is a marathon which should be performed with care.

With dedication and care, every man can increase the size of his penis using this jelqing method. Coupled with a cheap penis extender, men are much more likely to see fast, long-lasting penis length gains.

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