How Important Is Regular HVAC Maintenance?

In terms of central air conditioning, it is important to have maintenance performed and also to use other helpful features to bolster durability. With proper care, a brand new air conditioner should last you between 12-15 years. To ensure that your unit reaches its possible for many years, there are some tips and suggestions you can follow to keep your unit running smoothly. One of the first things you can check is whether or not your air conditioning unit is leaking. With too much or too little water, your unit will stall and possibly break down. Be sure to check hose connections for leaks and that the condensate tube can drain without blockage.

Another simple maintenance tip is to change the filter every 4-6 weeks, in addition as the ductwork, which should be changed every 3-4 years by a specialized. By doing both of these things you will breathe easier and your home will have less dust-a welcome relief to anyone with allergies. If you have an attic, make sure that it is properly ventilated, and that any air vents within your home are free from obstruction by items such as dirt, furniture or carpet. If you don’t have shades or blinds, invest in some as they will keep your home cooler and reduce the amount of air conditioning you use.

When it comes to central heating maintenance, the most effective solution is to hire a specialized to come and inspect your unit. Because they are experienced and licensed, they can provide you with the best solutions and can encounter problems before the first frost. One thing that you can do on your own is to test your heater before temperatures drop drastically. If no warm air comes on, call a specialized right away. Also, be sure to check the pilot light if you have a natural gas system. If the flame is yellow or orange instead of a clear blue, then you may have a problem and should contact a service.

By noticing warning signs, following these tips and having a specialized HVAC contractor come and perform routine maintenance checks, you will have a better running, longer lasting HVAC unit. Residential heating and cooling is something that almost everyone uses and in order to cut costs and ensure that you are comfortable, regular maintenance is required. To help the maintenance go smoothly, check your unit often and put in maintenance requests the moment you notice an issue. There are various companies obtainable and you should research multiple places of business in order to find the right fit for you.

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