How Important Are Keywords in a begin again?

How Important Are Keywords in a begin again?

You might think that the most important part of your begin again is your experience or education. You might already be the perfect person for the job. But one of the most crucial elements of your begin again are the keywords that you have in it. As a staffing manager that looks by hundreds of resumes for multiple locaiongs each week, I have come to find that the keywords are what make your begin again shine.

I want to show you exactly what I average by making your begin again shine. Today I received a call from the CFO of a company that I have been working with for the past year. The CFO told me that their Payroll Clerk gave their two week notice and they needed to refill the position. This CFO told me what she was looking for and I wrote down a job description. At work we have a great software that will match my job description that I wrote to the database of resumes of people that I have interviewed and those resumes on CareerBuilder. This match software pulled up a list of over 100 job seekers.

So now I have the daunting task of finding the top 10 job seekers for this payroll position out of 100 begin again, I will tell you how I go about it. To be completely honest, I fly by these resumes looking for 10 resumes to come back too. I am only going by 100 resumes and right now many managers are going by hundreds of begin again to find their top 10 candidates. So what does a hiring manager do to as they review all of these resumes. We find specific words and phrases that are applicable to the job and stick out easily. As for my payroll position, I am looking for keywords like payroll, payroll clerk, payroll entries, ADP (a payroll software used for this job), data entry, Microsoft Excel and other accounting related keywords. I am looking to find these specific begin again keywords within the first thirty second examine of a begin again. If I can not find these words quickly and easily, I move on to the next begin again. already if that person might be great, if something does not stick out to me. Then sorry but I move on and time is money in business. It is nothing personal to do but I have a job to do and going by resumes is time consuming.

As you can see from the my fleeting story of how today I began looking for a great Payroll Clerk. There is plenty more follow up on my end and research, but that is ultimately how quick your begin again review can be. If your begin again does not pop out and scream at the hiring manager using great keywords and great keyword placement, then you might just get overlooked.

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