HostGator Dedicated Windows Server Review

HostGator Dedicated Windows Server Review

HostGator’s dedicated windows servers are fully loaded with the best elements obtainable and are powered by Dell Servers with the windows server 2008 R2 w/ far away Desktop (64-bit w/ 32-bit compatibility) operating system. You can also request a different version of Windows.

HostGator has a total of four dedicated windows server packages obtainable for you to choose from, starting with their Basic dedicated server plan and up to a Pro dedicated server plan.

Each of HostGator’s servers are configured with an Intel Xeon Dual chief or Quad chief processor and come with pretty good memory capabilities of 1GB – 8GB of ram, plenty of strength and memory for your websites.

Compared to other server packages I have seen, their bandwidth is not too bad that you receive, 1,500 – 2,500 GB monthly. Would love to see unlimited, but that’s pretty had to find when looking at cheap dedicated windows server pricing like these.

For website file storage, you will either receive one 250GB hard excursion, or two 500GB hard drives, depending on the server package that you choose.

With up to 13 dedicated IP address, this is plenty to run multiple different websites when it comes to SEO. The Serp’s like to see very limited sites being hosted on the same IP address, so this is a bonus. Other great number providers that I have looked at only offer three to six.

Each of these dedicated windows servers from HostGator are quite capable of handling already the most traffic intense websites. They all also come with HostGators 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, so you can be sure that your websites are up and running with no downtime.

When you need a powerful server, I think that according to the features and cheap windows dedicated server pricing, a HostGator server is one of the best choices to go with.

In addition to the standard Microsoft SQL Express that is included with all HostGator windows dedicated servers, you now have the option to request other Microsoft SQL versions.

After your account is setup, you will be given the opportunity to upgrade your Microsoft SQL server to either the Workgroup, Standard or Enterprise versions of the Microsoft SQL database management software solutions.

If you’re running ASP.Net, this is a great upgrade for you to choose because SQL Express is very limited.

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