History and Development: What Exactly is an Electric Blanket?

History and Development: What Exactly is an Electric Blanket?

A modern electric blanket is composed of grids of thin, insulated wires. These wires generate heat inside the complete blanket. consequently, if you are easily chilled and often like to turn up the heat or inner with sweaters, especially as you sleep, an electric blanket will be the perfect thing for you!


When electricity was born in the 1900s, electrical elements were additional to many shared household items. The very first electric blankets were very dangerous, but have since been further developed, designed for your comfort and safety.

It wasn’t until the 1920s that electric blankets became alluring to the general public. Tuberculosis patients would use much of their recovery time outdoors because the air was fresher than the air inside, however, the temperatures would considerably drop overnight. Hospitals and private nurses soon began to use electric blankets to keep their patients warm outside. little by little the electric blanket made its way to the public market, obtainable for anyone to buy.

Modern electric blankets:

The earliest electric blankets had adjustable thermostats to control temperature, but more modern versions use rheostats. So what is a rheostat? Rheostats not only measure the heat generated by your blanket, but also take into account the body heat you will generate as you use it. This results in a more already heating overall.

However, we must not forget that because the wires encased in these blankets are, in fact, powered by electricity, there are always risks of shock or fire. The manufacturers make certain that they warn the consumer not to misuse an electric blanket because of these risks.

If you have an older electric blanket, it has been shown that the continued use of older electric blankets has been the cause of many accidental fires and electrocutions. The problems that create such risks have been continuously and are in an current development of the safest possible electric blankets. So if you own an old electric blanket, please get rid of it and buy a new one, for your own safety.

A great fact about electric blankets is that a single, thin inner of bedding (i.e. the electric blanket) can replace several expensive cover sheets, and other blankets and comforters. consequently, many people wanted to buy them to help them save money on winter warmth.

There are ways to find electric blankets without having to pay expensive prices for them. Electric blankets come in all different colors, sizes, and designs. So check out the reasonable prices offered for high quality electric blankets and buy one at a cost that you can easily provide.

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