Heart-Infected Patient Transferred From Guwahati Recently By Global Ai…

Heart-Infected Patient Transferred From Guwahati Recently By Global Ai…

We are very happy to proportion the story of an excellent patient return with everyone. It was a noticable event for us to collect it on the Global Board of Directors. It was the last evening when our control room received a distress call from the local hospital in Guwahati.

The patient was a 56-year-old man, who was diagnosed with a major lung infection and needed immediate transplantation in a better hospital for necessary treatment. Our land team reached the hospital and gave all information about it to the control and command centre, where necessary clearance plans were discussed and forwarded.

Given the importance of men, we decided to provide a bed-to-bed patient move facility and emergency handling faculty by Global Air Ambulance sets. In a short time, he was picked up from the bed and moved to the ground cardiac ambulance.

The ambulance took them to Guwahati Airport, where an aircraft was installed and ready to fly with the necessary ICU setup of equipment. The patient was transferred and the Pilatus PC-12 aircraft that flew to Delhi.

Here we would like to say that Air Ambulance Service in Delhi is equipped with world-class ventilator, respirator, defibrillator, suction pump, infusion machine, oxygen cylinder and portable strength supply.

As we allowed his wife and a five-year-old son to boarding the plane, both of them gave a family touch to the whole repatriation course of action. Meanwhile, the patient became serious and unstable. It was a very serious moment when the boy asked our medical team if his father would be fine!

The simple question of the boy gave us the will and with his whole dedication and effort, we did all possible treatment to stabilize and normalize the pain which was experiencing with it. Thanks to the gastroenterologist in our drug team who analyzed all things to normalize their condition and took all the necessary measures.

Excellent ICU setup on our Air Ambulance Service in Guwahati helped us a lot in continued monitoring with our position. We carried 2000 psi oxygen tanks, which was enough to carry the patient to the hospital bed.

Global Air Ambulance sets has been approved by the patient’s wife that she has successfully received lung treatment and is recovering now. This was a successful air ambulance service from Mumbai to Delhi which provided us service satisfaction. All this will help us increase our Air Ambulates Service in Guwahati and overall.

The Global Air Evacuation from Guwahati provides low-cost commercial stretcher service in Delhi and Guwahati, medical aim clearance sets from Patna to Delhi and charter ambulance as a whole.

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