Gua’s Attribute in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui applications, individual gua’s attribute is often overlooked and some of us might not know what is the attributes of the guas as these are often the basic knowledge of metaphysics. By understanding this, one’s knowledge in the application of Feng Shui can be raised to a new level.

Gua (Location): Attributes

Qian (NortWest): Strong / Firm / Progress

Dui (West): Happy / Talk

Li (South): Beautiful

Zhen (East): Move / Vibration

Xun (SouthEast): go into / Go Into / Move

Kan (North): Sink / Downwards

Gen (NorthEast): Stop

Kun (SouthWest): Smooth / Tame / Hide

The table above only lists some of the more commonly known attributes of the guas.

How do we apply these attributes in our Feng Shui applications? For example, in a retail shop placing items or products in the NorthEast and SouthWest sector of the shop will not be ideal as they have a shared attribute which is “Stop” or “Stagnant”. Hence, the products place that these locations will often sell at a slower speed than the others. Products in the East and SouthEast will often sell faster since the sectors have the shared attrinute of “Move”. In the event there is a promotion to be held in the shop, the promotion products will be ideally placed in these 2 sectors of the shop to unprotected to the better sales.

When one understands these attributes in relation to the guas, one can apply this knowledge into any parts of our daily lives, not just the business area. by correct application, the resulting effect is often surprisingly advantageous.

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