Getting Quality Backlinks For Your Blog!

Getting Quality Backlinks For Your Blog!

Getting links from other blog owners that already have pages indexed by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN has become one of the most effective methods for building quality traffic. But finding blogs that have an adequate Google Pagerank is already tougher as many of these blog owners don’t wish to swap links with new blog owners for fear of losing their Google Pagerank or seeing a decline in their pr.
So how does new bloggers acquire quality links, and get their blogs indexed quickly?

Many bloggers have found blog hopping works quiet well, or taking part in blog memes or submitting your blog to blog directories work very well for creating traffic and readership over time, but where does a new blog owner begin what’s the most effective way?
All the above!

There is no secret technique to success, it takes a little bit of work but if done effectively it’s well worth it in the end.
Start by Blog Hopping or Searching for related blogs has a rare characterize included in their navbar that’s displayed at the top of each blog hosted with, that allows visitors to randomly select the next blog, or search for other blogs that may interest you!

This is referred to as blog hopping, by randomly searching or jumping from one blog to another blog looking for shared interest articles that you can relate too and comment on. While commenting on individual blogs you have the opportunity to leave your blog URL. But don’t become a spammer just to get your blog URL listed, leave positive comments and relative ones that relate to the article in question.

As most bloggers will simply delete comments that where left in bad taste or resemble anything that looks like spam or self promotional. Bloggers are smarter then you think and the objective here is to create backlinks and readership by socializing with other bloggers with the same shared interest you proportion. The last thing you want to do is come off looking like a spammer.
Blog Memes

Another activity popular with bloggers is ‘Blog Memes,’ as there fun little activities that bloggers have produced to help promote or interact with other bloggers. Many of these popular memes can be found by using your favorite search engine.

Many of the popular memes can be found quiet easily by searching blog memes, Thursday 13, Wordless Wednesday and Photo Hunters just to name a few.

Once you have produced a readership, you may wish to try and create your own memes or blog activity for other bloggers to interact and take part in, as bloggers especially like to network together as a community. Their approach to the web is more sociable than webmasters who deal with clients, coding issues or other business related issues.

Bloggers are a new rare copy of webmaster and SEO experts, as they have found dozens of effective ways to maximize their blog popularity.
So how does a new blogger get quality backlinks?

Bloggers like webmasters are always looking for quality links, blogs with good search engine positioning, quality content and have a decent Google Pagerank.

This is why new bloggers especially need to take a very active part in updating and spending time creating content for their blogs. Posting often and insuring your content has something that other bloggers can relate too, is the meaningful to any new blog owner’s success. But keep in mind that you want to create interaction with your readers. Your articles should leave the opportunity for bloggers to leave feedback about your articles good or bad.

If you provide quality content other bloggers are more likely to link back to you!

Be sure to ping your blog after every update using and, and keep posting regularly — the minimum you should post is three times a week, remember search engines love content as any SEO expert will tell you – content is king.

great number your blog on your own domain instead of a free service. WordPress is the most commonly used free blogging software and, it’s free and comes with many meaningful features to ensure your success.

It’s also easy to install if your web great number offers Fantastico, and can be installed with minimal knowledge. But if your not to savvy with scripts and web related programs I recommend for your blog hosting needs as they offer WordPress installed with all Blog hosting plans at affordable rates that start at $2.99 a month and they will install and configure your WordPress Blog for FREE with all blog hosting plans to help you get started with your blogging experience!
Commenting on Blogs

Take time when commenting on other blogs that interest you, then simply let the blog owner know that you enjoyed their topic and may refer to it in your next blog post. This step could be the beginning of a quality link exchange that’s 100% effective.
Blog Directories

The most important – submit your blog to blog directories. Now there are 1000’s of blog directories online so rather then list all of them I’ll recommend my favorite ” Blogging Fusion Blog Directory “. Like most blog directories they have become the Web2.0 structure for blogs that wish to get quality backlinks, readership and search engine visibility.

It’s no secret that search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN index and frequently crawl these types of directories often. Good blog directories also offer the ability for bloggers to include their RSS satisfy, creating thorough inbound links insuring your blog content is crawled and indexed quickly. Blogging Fusion Blog Directory is just one of these directories that offer FREE and Paid submission!

Getting quality links is the well known successor for many bloggers and SEO experts. As major search engine like Google that uses algorithms to rely on and determine which links are quality backlinks to determine Pagerank or relevancy for search engine positioning is very important.

When submitting to blog directories, be sure to select a category that best suites your blogs topic or affiliation. Blog directories are also another great way to search for link partners related to your genre and creating partnerships.

Follow these simple methods and you will be off to a great start with creating your own social network of friends among the blogasphere!

This article may be reprinted freely as long as the author byline and links stay active.

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