Garage Doors Are the Focal Point of Most Homes

When someone drives down your street and takes a look at your home, it’s likely they will notice your garage door. After all, it may take up as much as one third of the facade of the house, so it can be a real focal point, good or bad. No matter what your home looks like, if the overhead door is old and shabby, people are going to get the impression that the complete character is rundown. So much for curb popularity! If you decide you want to replace your existing door with a new one that’s going to enhance your house, you will have a number of different styles to choose from. You will want to pick something that is going to look good with the overall look.

You need to do a little preliminary work before you’ll be ready to have a new door installed. You have to take the measurements of your current door or its opening in order to determine if you’ll be able to use a standard-sized substitute or if you’ll have to have your new door custom made. You also have to decide the kind of material you’d like the door to be made of with steel being the most lasting and wood having the most pleasing aesthetic value. Of course, the amount you can provide to use will dictate the style, material, and extras, like decorations or windows, that you will be able to buy. Basic door styles include:

1. Most American housing styles look good with traditional doors. These include ranch homes, colonials, Victorians, Cape Cods, and Craftsman styles. A traditional door will also be appropriate on many European-styled homes, such as Mediterranean, Tudor, French Country, and Spanish.

2. current doors will only look right on homes that also have current styling. If your home was built with high-tech materials and clean lines, then a current door will fit the styling like a glove. These doors often include tempered-glass windows which may be tinted, frosted, or clear and come with door frames that are wrapped in aluminum which require less maintenance.

3. Carriage doors are based on the doors that used to be found on carriage houses back before the era of cars. These doors often swing open, but if you are short on space, you can find models that fold back already though they look like swing doors. Although carriage doors seem like they would look best on older homes, they truly look perfect with many traditionally-styled houses.

4. Many doors you will find have raised panels which add thoroughness and interest to the front of your home. In recent decades, this style of door has become the standard for most American homes. Because of this, they are obtainable in a wide selection of materials and with a number of different options.

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