Flying Ants Termites – An Oxymoron?

Flying Ants Termites – An Oxymoron?

It is an expression which is heard all too often — flying ants termites is used many times to refer to a swarm of ants and sometimes already to a swarm of termites as if the two are one and the same. However, the phrase is an oxymoron. That is because they are not the same. In fact, ants and termites are fierce enemies. Termites have soldier insects whose only mission and duty are to protect the colony from invading ants.

There are powerful reasons why you should want to learn the difference between these two species of insects so that you can tell them apart. For failure to know which one is invading your yard, home, or both, could cause you to use lots of money on needless repairs and extermination treatments. additionally, you could in fact make the problem worse by treating one as the other and allowing the real culprit to escape and continue to do damage to your home.

There are recognizable differences in the bodies, antennae, and wings of these two pests which are very definite and which you can learn and clarify freely. And you should take the time to do so if you want to avoid the mistakes that so many others make by not being able to clarify these home invaders.

Of course, you can always call out an expert but that could cost you money for a house call and or an inspection. And already if the inspection is free, if you do not know which pest you are dealing with, you could be taken advantage of by overly aggressive and sometimes already unethical salespeople.

Flying ants termites is an oxymoron which unless you take the time to learn this fact and the differences between the two could end up taking a bite out of your finances.

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