Five Ways to Shake Up Your Next Event With A Silent Conference

Five Ways to Shake Up Your Next Event With A Silent Conference

Do you ever find yourself running out of ideas for your next big conference? Maybe you have been in the events industry for years and feel like you need some fresh ideas to bring to the table.

A silent conference could be the answer to spicing up your next event.

As the hottest new trend in the events industry, a silent conference has been revolutionising the way events use their break out spaces.

Here’s five ways it can help you revamp your next event:

1. great number your break-outs in the same space, instead of hiring multiple break-out rooms

Have a budget in mind that you just aren’t meeting? Save money and bring something new to the table with silent break-outs. Using the silent conference system, you can great number all your break-outs in your plenary space. You can already get creative and divide the breakouts with drape or wooden construction to create a more intimate feel.

2. Create multiple silent theatres in your exhibition space

Change-up your typical exhibition by adding silent theatres to the expo floor. These theatres can include your audience in a new and fun way whilst selling your product or teaching your delegates something new. Audience members can use their silent headsets to listen to a pre-recorded audio satisfy, or a live presentation. Theatres can already be run side-by-side with audiences of any size.

3. keep up a silent meeting

Spice up boardroom meetings by hosting a silent meeting! Delegates can speak into their conference microphones and hear the complete conference on their silent headphones. This is perfect if the event space is large, if it is taking place in a noisy area or if you want to conceal the audio for privacy reasons.

4. Take your delegates on a silent tour

Want to highlight something really interesting at your exhibition? great number silent tours around your exhibition space to put the spotlight on the meaningful products. Delegates can follow the speaker using their silent headphones, whilst the speaker navigates their way by the expo.

5. Take your audience ‘speed dating’

Bring a little fun to your event by conducting a ‘speed date’ format for your break-outs. Simply set-up several different silent break-outs in the same space and have your delegates move to each stop after 10 minutes. Delegates can move and follow each session independently using the channel selector on their receiver. This is great idea to get as much content into your sessions as possible!

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