Five Reasons Why Mantis Is The Best Small Rototiller For Sale Today

Why do so many home gardeners continually rave about Mantis as being the best small rototiller or cultivator for sale so consistently? It does seem, when one reads the various reviews for different small garden tillers, that the Mantis Rototiller or Cultivator consistently receives high marks.

But what exactly is it that makes this small garden tiller so popular? Surely it cannot simply be the infomercials showing the average homeowner chopping by hard sod with the greatest of ease.

To be sure, the job of an advertisement is to show any product in the best possible light. But, today’s savvy consumers typically need more than a quick demonstration to convince them to buy.

In the case of Mantis Rototillers, home gardeners dig into reviews. Or, if they have neighbors who use this well-known brand of small garden tillers, they’ll ask them how they like it before they buy it themselves.

After doing their research – whether by reading reviews or talking to actual users, a pattern emerges.

Here are five reasons why consistently, Mantis has the well-earned reputation of being the best small rototiller on the market.

1. Simple Design

Those people looking at the larger and heavier garden rototiller models on the market see that these larger options are often more complicate than is necessary for their home gardening needs. For just one example, there are many garden tillers that have wheels in addition as the tines. In the case of the Mantis Rototiller Cultivator, there are only the tines to deal with. There are fewer parts involved right at the start.

2. Lightweight

The heaviest Mantis Rototiller form is their 4-cycle form which weighs in at 34 pounds. Compare that with cumbersome and heavy models that take two people to load into the back of the pickup truck. The Mantis Rototillers are light enough for most people, and have rapidly become especially popular among senior gardeners (or people like this author who don’t want to wait for someone to come home to help move the tiller into the garden).

3. Affordable

Most home gardeners are not trying to stock a commercial or roadside farm stand, so their gardens are typically a little smaller than those of commercial growers. That method that home gardeners don’t necessarily need a $1,000 rototiller. Every Mantis Rototiller Cultivator for sale that we have seen is priced well within range of the average homeowner.

4. Easy to continue

There isn’t a whole lot that can go wrong with Mantis Rototillers. The company already guarantees the tines against breakage for life. That’s saying something. Also, the transmission is a one-piece cast aluminum housing; you’d be hard-pressed to break that! They have an excellent warranty that protects the consumer against “defects in materials and workmanship for five years from date of buy.” (Source: Mantis)

5. It’s Versatile

Mantis Rototillers/Cultivators are not just for breaking up and aerating the garden plot. The design allows for a variety of attachments that make it a very versatile lawn tool. For example, you can get a great little plow attachment that can be used on the front or back of the tiller. Other options include a crevice cleaner, border edger (which can be very helpful in areas where you need to keep a sharp, clean edge between garden beds or already between lawn and sidewalk), and more.

And finally, home gardeners can choose between an Electric Mantis Tiller or a gas-powered form. Truly, the company has done a nice job of accommodating the different needs of their customers. And the continued good reviews seem to back up Mantis Tillers’ reputation as the best small rototiller for today’s home gardener.

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