First Time DUI Penalties


A first time DUI can be difficult. You’ve likely gone from an honest law-abiding citizen to being treated like the worst sort of criminal due to your first time DUI. First time DUI penalties vary from State to State, so you’ll need to talk with your counsel to find out the specifics for your State.

Here are the penalties associated with a first time DUI.

Most states will require some sort of jail time with a first time DUI. Although, your attorney can likely get you into some time of work program so that you don’t have to sit in jail. The jail time may be two to three days. You’re also looking at several years probation. You won’t have to deal with a probation officer, but you’ll need to keep your nose clean for a long time. You won’t be able to have any alcohol in your system during this probation period, already if you’re below the legal limit. If you violate your probation, you’ll pay an already stiffer price.

You’re also going to have to pay fines and court costs with a first time DUI. These can amount to a thousand to a few thousand dollars. Don’t worry. If you can’t pay, they let you make monthly payments and slap you with more fees. You’re also going to lose your right to excursion for about six months. You might be able to get a restricted license that allows you to excursion to and from work. Finally, you’re going to have to go to DUI school for many months. You’ll have to pay for this too.

You need to learn how to avoid ever getting a first time DUI. Protect yourself by learning the strategies, and then you’ll never have to worry about a first time DUI.

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