Finding the Best Web Hosting for Your Online Business, 10 meaningful Elements of Web Hosting

Finding the Best Web Hosting for Your Online Business, 10 meaningful Elements of Web Hosting

Finding the Best Web Hosting for Your Online Business: 10 meaningful Elements of Web


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In the quest to find the best web hosting solution, look for Reliability and

Customer Service instead of the Cheapest Price

Finding the best managed hosting solutions is a lot like finding a new car.

Ultimately, your web great number needs to get you from point A to point B, but

understanding which features are important to you as a consumer makes the

difference between buying a lemon or a Ferrari. Deciding which are the important

features and elements can be a confounding task.

How do you decided on the best web hosting solution for your online business

needs? examines the meaningful elements of this

important decision, and helps you make the best choice with ease. Let’s have a

look under the hood.

The first step in finding the best web hosting solution is understanding your

business needs.

Here are some important questions you should know the answers to in order to

make the right choice:

  • What are you going to be doing with your site?
  • Will your site have just a few pages?
  • Will it offer downloads?
  • Is it a database pushed? Will you have a mailing list?
  • Is your site commerce enabled?
  • Who is managing your site?
  • Will you need FTP access to upload your files, or will you publish using

Once you know the answers to those questions, start to examine these 10 meaningful

elements of web hosting:

1) Customer Service: Top of the List! Can you reach the web hosting sustain

desk easily and are they responsive? Try it before you buy it! in spite of of

your technical skills, in most situations you will need to communicate with your web

hosting provider. Find a company that is reachable and responsive to your

requests. It’s always a good idea to make sure the hosting provider has a Toll

Free 800 number, and that they truly answer their calls. Before you sign up

with anyone, pick up the phone and call them. One tip to remember, the sales

group almost always picks up the phone, so call the technical sustain number and

try to talk with them. Try calling at strange hours, and see what you get. This is

always a good way to gauge how easy it is to get them on the phone, and if they

are the right web hosting provider for you.

2) Reliability: Are the servers that great number your business up? Are you

guaranteed server uptime as part of your hosting agreement? How long have they

been in business? Most good hosting groups guarantee a certain amount of “up

time” with your contract. In addition, some companies charge more for better “up

time” guarantees. For example: the $5.95 per month package delivers 95% uptime,

while the $9.99 per month package delivers 99.9% uptime. Higher monthly fees may

put you on a better network. Something to consider when you’re pricing possible

hosting providers, or if your thinking about free web hosting.

3) Control Panel: The heart of a websites features and the place where you

control many of the features needed to run a proper website. With a good control

panel, you can Block IP Addresses from Accessing your Site, Password Protect

Directories, Prevent Image HotLinking, Prevent Bandwidth Leeching and much more.

Cpanel is an awesome control panel package that is intuitive, and really easy to

use. Many managed hosting solutions utilize it. I great number several sites with

hostgator based on the fact that they have Cpanel.

4) Disk Space: How much storage capacity do you require? If your going to

load the server up with MP3’s and large files, be aware of the Disk Space

limitations. If you know your going to use a lot of disk space, that needs to

play a factor in your decision.

5) Bandwidth: The amount data that you broadcast from your website on a

monthly basis. Most packages allow you to upgrade if you need more.

6) Domains: Do you need a single domain name, sub-domains or unlimited

domain hosting. Domain Management includes responsibilities like Managing Subdomains,

Parked Domains and Redirect URLs. With good Domain management, you can put

several domain names under one URL, but your web hosting provider must offer

these features.

7) Web Statistics: complete statistical examination of your site lets you

understand your traffic, what keywords are used to find our site, in addition as

browser types, country visitors are from, which pages they visited and much

more. With good statistical examination programs, you should also be able to view

Raw Access Logs for your Site, Disk Usage, Bandwidth Usage, Web Traffic

Statistics, Error Logs and visitors demographics.

8) Email hosting: Email is always a crucial part of running a website. You

will need the ability to create proper business email addresses. Auto responder,

POP3 & Mail Forwarding is a must. Email management can be easy if you have the

right tools. At a minimum, you will want to have control over adding and

removing Email Accounts, Setting Disk Space Quotas, Read and send mail by

Web mail Interface, Manage Email Forwarders and Auto-responders, in addition as

Email Domain Forwarding. Make sure you have this kind of control over your

email, or you will be at the mercy of the person who is. If you have never done

these types of email management responsibilities, don’t worry, it is a lot easier than it

all sounds.

9) Costs: How much will you pay per month? Are there additional fees for

going over the bandwidth limits? Most web hosting packages range from $4.95 to

$9.95 per month, and provide all the sets you will need for a basic website.

This is a buyers market, and there are many great choices out there. But pricing

should not be the calculating factor in your choice. It is a good idea

understand the bonuses that many of these hosts provide. One of my favorite

freebees is a $25 Google AdWords Credit. currently offers this AdWords

Credit. With a free $25 AdWords Credit, you can promote your site and experiment

with Pay Per Click Advertising. Well worth the effort.

Looking for Free Web Hosting? Remember the old adage “there is no such thing as

a free lunch.” The is also no such thing as free web hosting. If you are serious

about your online business, free web hosting is not an real option. Free Web

Hosting costs a lot more than you think. I recently tried a “free web hosting”

deal with one of the major domain companies. They included a fun little pop

under advertising window for all of my visitors, and at the same time, made it

impossible for me to promote my site via Google AdWords, as Google would not let

me advertise due to their policy against bothersome pop-under ads. So, “Free Web

Hosting” comes at a high price, don’t pay it.

10) progressive Hosting Features: If your looking to build a modern website,

you need some progressive tools to make that happen. Look for features such as

MySQL and phpMyAdmin, PostgreSQL and phpPgAdmin, PHP, Perl, CGI, Python and

Tomcat. If you are new to web hosting, you probably won’t need all these

features. Some hosting packages come with serious extras including Shopping

Carts, Guestbooks, Image Galleries, Forums and Wiki’s, Blogs, Counters, Clocks,

chatrooms and more.

As a web consultant for over 10 years, I have seen all kinds of hosting

scenarios; free web hosting, the typical “$9.99 per month” packages, to server

farms run by in house system administrators. The majority of web hosting

shoppers are looking for the same thing, a web hosting solution that is

reliable, inexpensive and easy to manage.

Managed hosting solutions have evolved over the years. Many of the smaller

mom-and-pop shops have dropped off, and a new pack of web hosting provides now

offer comprehensive hosting plans that get the job done.

rates several of today’s top hosing providers, and has chosen 7 of the

industries top hosing providers for you. You can’t really go wrong with any of

these top 7 groups. There are however, a few elements that separate the top

selections in our list. already with all the advancements in server technology over

the last 10 years, the basic elements of finding the best web hosting providers

keep the same; you need to find a managed hosting solution that can provide

Technical Reliability and noticeable Customer Service.

Visit for a easy to use overview of the top 7

web hosting providers online.

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