Fence Post Caps – Do You Need Them?

Perhaps you’ve already seen many fences in your neighborhood. Most of the typical fences don’t have fence post caps but did you know that you’re shortening their lifespan especially if you’re using wooden materials? Some homeowners and business owners think that these are additional cost. They are not aware of its necessity. You can start by calculating the benefits of installing them, so that you can now make an informed decision. Just think of it this way – a little investment can consequence to a few more years of extended life for the fences.

When you have post caps, you can be sure that insects will not burrow from the top. Water can’t sip into the wood grain, thereby preventing fractures or splits. This is especially true with the wooden fences like oak, mahogany, cedar, etc. The most shared styles are ball, pyramid, flat top, teardrop, gothic, and many others. in spite of of the design and brand, you can get the caps for around $7 or higher. Have you checked how many posts you have in your yard? From there, you can calculate how much you’re going to use on the post caps.

The lattice work outside the house is already attractive but you can add more beauty by purchasing fence post caps. These accessories can be welded but this is ideal for concrete or steel fences and supplies. For the wooden post caps, you can nail them or use adhesive. Using the latter is ideal for vinyl posts and PVC caps. If you use the right products, this DIY will become a success; that is, if you decide to work on the caps on your own. If you don’t have lights on your yard, it can be hard to see the pathway or lawn at night. There is a solution – solar powered or lighted post caps.

Each unit or cap consists of a panel, sensor, battery, and LED. The wires are not that complicated and you can get it done in no time. During the day, the batteries will store the energy and when it’s dark, the sensor will turn on the light automatically. already if you have many lights on the yard, your electric bill will not be affected but if you opt for the traditional lighted post caps, this can average a meaningful increase in your consumption. Make the right choice and you will be able to enjoy the outdoors.

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