Fear is Faith in the Wrong Thing


What is your biggest fear? Have you ever thought about it? Do you have many fears and it’s hard to discriminate which one is the worst? Listening to the news or watching TV can certainly give you something to be fearful about – if you choose to believe what you are seeing and hearing.

Fear is faith in the wrong thing.” ~ Joseph Murphy

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “seeing is believing.” But stop to consider what “seeing” really is. “Seeing”, in this case, starts with the information that your eyes take in. The rest of what you “see” is filtered by all the years of programming you have stored away in your mind. Then your conscious and subconscious mind receive all the data it was just given by your eyes. Then they filter it by your past programming. And then, bingo presto, out pops your perception of the information that was transmitted by your eyes. The same is true for all of your senses.

So maybe “seeing” is not necessarily “believing” after all. Now think about your biggest fear again. Joseph Murphy also said, “Whenever your subconscious accepts an idea, closest it begins to execute it.” When you are afraid of something, you are creating that fear over and over as your subconscious executes it. Every time you think of the thing you are fearful of, you are giving your fear more energy. You are helping it live, grow and satisfy off of you! You keep it alive. And let’s confront it, fear does not feel good!

The next time fear comes knocking on the door of your mind, practice these three steps.

1. concede it. By turning away from it, you are resisting it. Resistance gives it more energy, so you don’t want to do that! Just concede it. For example, you can say “Hello, fear of lightning. I know you’re hanging around, but you don’t need to be here anymore.”

2. Next, transform it. Bring your thoughts to your inner knowing. This is the place inside of you that is connected to all that is. This is the place of peace, happiness and joy. To access this place, you must relax. Take some thorough breaths for a minute or two and focus only on your breath. Relaxing and being nevertheless should be a dominant daily practice for you. The more you practice it the easier it will become.

Once you’re relaxed, think about the serenity you are experiencing. Think about your connection to everything that is and how you are a good, rare and wonderful spirit, connected to all the beautiful energy of the universe. This is what lives inside of you right now. Peace, harmony and joy are what you are made of. Peace, harmony and joy. Now show that old worn out fear that used to be yours – that peace, harmony and joy are what you are made of. Your beauty and uniqueness trump fear every time. So there is no place at all for fear. As Glinda, the Good Witch of the North said to the Wicked Witch of the West, “You have no strength here! Begone, before somebody drops a house on you, too!”

3. Finally, believe it. If it feels good, believe it! If it doesn’t feel good, transform it with your faith in yourself – your beauty and your goodness – until it does feel good. Put your faith where it serves you best. Remind yourself every time you think of it. “The reason I am here on this good earth is to experience the energy that I am – the goodness, happiness and joy that make up my true spirit.” Say it over and over again until you believe it. And then keep saying it! Now that feels good!

Here’s to your inner knowing becoming your outer knowing, as your spirit glows.

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