FatCow Email sets – Are They Really What You Need?

Email sets are basic to any user out there that is serious about their business. A long time ago, a friend came to me and asked why is it basic to have an e-mail address that comes with the website – why one cannot use a typical e-mail address registered with Yahoo! or Gmail to go with their website. And then I considered the following comparison – if you have an expensive suit, and you need to go to a reception, do you go in a pair of fancy shoes or do you go wearing your sneakers? Using a third party e-mail address is just like wearing sneakers for a wedding in combination with a very expensive suit. If you want to make an impression, you might in addition consider the whole package. Not to mention the fact that it is a lot easier to sort your e-mail based on business instead of having to work with your typical account and having to sort tons of emails. The purpose of business e-mail address (the one that comes with the website) has both functional and ethical purposes, and I recommend it to just any website owner out there (minus the case where you own a blog, and you have no reason to pay for e-mail sets just to receive silly comments somewhere).

Read the title again now, since we finished with the boring introduction about ethics and email addresses. FatCow Email sets offers you exactly what you need because very few hosting companies offer you unlimited mail accounts. This can be rather important if your company is medium to large and you need to create an e-mail explain each of your employees. Another great thing about FatCow is that they offer POP3 email accounts meaning that you can download your e-mail archive to your local computer and you should be able to work offline with them at any time. If you enjoy reading your e-mails online however, you have exactly three choices that will serve your needs: AtMail, SquirrelMail and Horde.

o AtMail – In a few words, complete and inventive user interface that allows you to access your e-mail via your favorite web browser or using a wireless device.

o SquirrelMail – High functionality, MIME sustain, address book and last but not least folder manipulation are some of the strong points offered by SquirrelMail. The great thing about this particular app is that it is written in PHP4 ensuring maximum portability and efficiency.

o Horde – Using Horde you can Read, send and organize your emails not to mention that you can use this particular app as an office tool since it contains calendars, contact manager, task manager and notes.

No matter if you choose to have your own offline e-mail reader such as Thunderbird, or if you pick one of the three choices mentioned above, FatCow offers a great deal when it comes to email sets. One thing I did not mention until now is spam – people hate spam, and this is why FatCow managed to implement an efficient spam filter which will protect your inbox from all those useless and bothersome e-mails.

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