Escape to The Black Forest

Escape to The Black Forest

located just several hours excursion from Paris and about an hour excursion from Zurich lies the unspoiled beauty that is Germany’s fabled Black Forest vicinity. demanding environmental programs have helped preserve this disinctive blend of city and rustic, natural beauty. And it’s here where you’ll find yourself immersed in old-world tradition.

The Black Forest artisans made the cuckoo clock world-prominence. You can already take a tour dedicated to cuckoo clock craftsmanship. A virtual culinary explosion awaits you. In the southwestern area lies the thriving university town of Freiburg. You’ll find many fine restaurants offering a wide range of international cuisine. More worldly tastes can also be enjoyed in the northern city of Baden-Baden.

Traditional, delicious delights throughout the Black Forest vicinity include: famous Black Forest hams, fine local wines, fruity schnapps, rye breads baked over wood, genuine Black Forest gateau, and the famous Black Forest cherry inner cakes.

You can offset all the irresistible dining with many walking and hiking trails. Lush green meadows, crystal clear flows teeming with trout, and of course the beautiful identifying characteristics woodlands. Triberg boasts the highest waterfalls in Germany. During winter months you can enjoy the ski resorts near Freiburg. There’s nothing like a trip to the many spas after a day of skiing fun. And Baden-Baden is famous for them in addition as exciting casino action.

And there’s plenty to do for the family!

Your complete family will love the largest entertainment park in Germany. And it’s just north of Freiburg located in Rust. The world-famous Europa Park is contained within the 550 year-old Balthasar Castle. This entertainment park is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. You must treat yourself and family to it.

Germany has many thousands of castles, and you can visit some of the finest here in the Black Forest. The New Palace located in Stuttgart was built in 1746. Almost destroyed during World War 2 but rebuilt and now used for state government affairs. There’s Fuerstenburg located in Donaueschingen, another famous castle park. And in the north is the truly world famous Heidelberg Castle. Located in Heidelberg, this enormous 13th century medieval castle is considered one of the most important cultural monuments in Germany.

The Black Forest is very centrally located in southern Germany. It’s truly a hidden gem among the usual European vacation packages. You’ll literally find the range of city chic, university hip, and old-world European rustic tradition within its borders. Quite a rare and disinctive blend. So plan your escape to historic Germany’s Black Forest, today!

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