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VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is a set of transmission technologies with the dominant aim of delivering voice communications using Internet Protocol networks, such as the case of different packet-switched networks and the Internet. It also goes by other names like voice over broadband, Internet telephony and IP telephony. In other places, they call it broadband phone and broadband telephony. Experience some really high quality voice communications using any of these top free VoIP sets.

MSN Messenger

Although quite new in providing free high-quality VoIP, Microsoft Windows has introduced its MSN Messenger: Windows Live Call. Serviced by the mobile telecommunications giant Verizon, this service is definitely one of the easiest and cheapest these days. Although it does not have so many features compared to other service providers, it offers free and easy-to-use software. Add to that, people can enjoy the modern convenience of PC-to-PC calls wherever they are located. Likewise, the Verizon-hosted PC-to-phone option is quite inexpensive compared to all the other obtainable sets out there. More importantly, it allows international calls as part of its highly affordable residential plans.

Google Talk

Google Talk is another impressive provider of free VoIP, which integrates the so-called Gmail email system and the special Google Chat function. Compared to other sets, signing up for a new account in Google is a very easy and hassle-free experience. As part of residential plans, it allows international calling to almost all parts of the globe. Furthermore, it works well with the highly progressive moment messaging system of Google. It makes file transfers from one PC to another easier, plus its ability to provide reliable and high quality PC-to-PC calls is quite impressive. One of its major goals is to make Internet chatting a more fun and functional experience for everyone.


Skype is an noticeable provider of free voice over broadband sets. Using their very own personal online numbers, people can easily receive calls coming from cell phones and other mobile devices. This allows non-Skype individuals to call you directly by your special SkypeIn online number. Voice calls are free as part of its superior monthly subscription sets. Users can make limitless calls to various landlines all over the world. These special online numbers work on PSPs, cordless phones in addition as WiFi phones among others.

RingCentral Online

RingCentral Online is a dependable fax service and Web-based telephone service provider. It gives users a special local number or a toll free number together with other progressive features such as Outlook integration, music keep up on and call logs. Likewise, members can make use of the so-called click-to-call characterize, real time call control in addition as the dial-by-name directory. Other impressive business features include call forwarding, fax messaging and voicemail.


By subscribing at Vonage, members can expect superior Internet telephony sets and roles. It promises no surprises, no equipment costs and no set-up fees for total customer satisfaction. Add to that, it also comes with a special money-back guarantee. As part of the Premium Unlimited Plan that costs $24.99 per month, users can make unlimited calls to various places in the world such as Europe, Puerto Rico and the U.S. More importantly, members can enjoy other fine features at no additional costs including 911 dialing, call waiting and 3-way calling.

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