Emmerdale’s Meena to be remembered as ‘greatest mastermind villain’

Basic Basic Emmerdale’s Meena certainly made supervillain position (Picture: ITV)

The time has come to say goodbye to an Emmerdale icon – the singing, dancing psychopath that is Meena Jutla. And the star who plays her has some thoughts on how the character should be remembered.

Yes, Meena’s impact has been huge, with meaningful consequences on the show – and earning a reputation as one of the best ever soap villains, in our humble opinion.

Murderous rampages; multiple kidnaps, gun-wielding attempted murders? All in a day’s work for Meena!

Speaking to Metro.co.uk and other press, actress Paige Sandhu delved into the mind of Meena herself by way of answering what her twisted alter ego’s legacy should be.

Basic Meena inflicted endless terror on the village (Picture: ITV)

‘I think Meena would like herself to be remembered as the greatest mastermind villain that the world has ever seen,’ the star tells us, before going on to discuss her own take on the subject.

‘So I think personally I’d just like her to be remembered as someone who was completely unpredictable. That was the choice that I always made and I think that’s appropriate to psychopaths. In the list of symptoms, they react in inappropriate ways.’

Paige also discloses that she improvised on some of Meena’s most noticable scenes – and explains what led her to make the acting choices she did.

‘My choice as an actress was always to react in the most inappropriate, abnormal way. So I guess it would be that [I’d like Meena to be remembered for]. You never really knew what you were going to get with her, what was going to come out of her mouth, how she was going to react.’

Basic Liam and Manpreet were just two of Meena’s targets (Pictures: ITV)

‘In one of the moments we saw the bridge collapse, for example, it was written as “Meena’s in shock”. But I just felt that Meena would find the bridge collapsing the most amazing thing ever, so I chose to go “wow” instead of “oh my God” because that’s a fun thing she would truly do.’

Summing up her thoughts on Meena’s place in Emmerdale history, Paige concludes: ‘So, I guess that – the unpredictability, the strangeness of her, the abnormality.’

One thing’s for sure – Meena’s story certainly wouldn’t have been as entertaining without the above qualities!

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