Electric Bug Zapper – Introduction to Various Kinds of Electric Bug Zapper

Electric Bug Zapper – Introduction to Various Kinds of Electric Bug Zapper

Today’s options for consumers in the world of the electric bug zapper have expanded quite a bit. If you need a way to control pests such as mosquitoes in your home or yard, then read on because you are going to find a number of possible working options that you can use if you choose to use one to control it. The first, most familiar kind of zapper is the outdoor hanging or portable bug zapper. These are the kind that resembles a lantern, and you will have many choices as you shop for one like this since they are the most shared kind of insect killer.

The second kind of electric bug zapper that’s out there on the market for you is the outdoor lamp post style zapper. This one is very similar to the hanging or portable form except that it’s really not as portable, and is more of a freestanding unit. This kind is ideal if you are concerned about theft or just want it to be a little more attractive. Make sure if you are placing a bug zapper in your yard, you keep it far enough away from most of your social activities. The recommended distance is twelve feet.

Believe it or not, there is already an indoor electric bug zapper for those who love to keep their windows open. As much as we all love fly tape and flyswatters, the indoor version is a great option for those who keep their windows open often and some bugs nevertheless get into the house. Nobody wants mosquitoes eating them alive while they enjoy their evening or while sleeping at night. Finally, we have the racket style, also known as an electric fly swatter or electronic fly swatter; this is definitely the most “fun” of the bug zappers to use. Imagine swatting the bug and the bug closest gets fried when you catch it! Now that’s a good time!

As you can see, there are many styles of electric bug zapper that are obtainable for buy for today’s consumer. The styles vary since everyone’s needs are very different and different depending on your lifestyle. If you need one for your yard, inside your home, or want to have a little fun with it, there is definitely a kind to meet your needs. Eliminating bug bites and possible disease move from infected mosquitoes is something everyone can appreciate and enjoy!

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