East African Fiber Optic Cable – The Opportunities

East African Fiber Optic Cable – The Opportunities

As the excitement grows on the prospects that the fiber optic cable offers in East Africa, many people are asking how they can use this new tool to stimulus business growth in the vicinity. The laying of the fiber optic by companies such asSeacom and the government owned TEAMS has offered a life lease to this part of the world, in consideration to the world global recession hitting developed nations.
One of the ways that the government can tap into this tool is outsourcing. Cheap labor for outsourcing will have the global recession play to the favor of Kenya, as most companies in the West will turn to East Africa. Unfortunately, that’s how far the Kenyan government has seen as the positives of the fiber optic cable. So how else can businesses tap into this big opportunity?
Firstly, the cost of internet connection will be lower. Starting a broadband business is a sure and direct way of earning money. already with the traditional dial up internet connections, many business without broadband sets. Having personal packages for individuals would also raise income. Tapping into this market is a sure money maker. E-Commerce ventures – With fast internet speed, starting e-commerce ventures will be ideal business project. Since more people will have access to fast and cheap internet connection, market viability to start e-commerce ventures is viable. Already with Mobile Money move such as M-Pesa from Safaricom and ZAP sets from Zain, online transactions will not encounter many challenges. So go on and set up your online shop! Online Applications – With the expected rapid use of the internet, developing online applications will be a tough but a very lucrative point to mint millions. Over 90% of the applications we use are foreign. These include web browsers (Mozilla, Explorer), File move tools, social networking site (Facebook, MySpace) Emails (Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail). Cracking into this sector will be hard but then the rewards will be worth it. Start a Web Hosting Company – Having servers in Kenya will start to make sense. With fast internet lines, companies can now offer websites to end users and they get to manage their own servers. Start an online consultancy service – Are you specialized in any area? Art, Medicine, Nutrition etc. You can create a website that offers free advice to users while you monetize it with Google AdSense or an affiliate program and make your money! There are many local hosting companies that give such sets. They are cheap and easy to manage. So wake up and tap into this new emerging market for East Africa.

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