Volunteering is a job we do for the benefit of the community. Almost everyone likes this job, and so do I. I often give books to children in wetlands, or help old people, especially those who are sick, I want to provide food, clothes and blankets for street children. I want to do it because I want to share the things I have with children who are in need. I hope no child will be hungry and cold. I will cook food and bring it to street children on the weekends. I will also encourage my friends to donate clothes and blankets to them.

Bank transfer:
– Abbreviations: VIB
– Bank name: Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank
– Routing (ABA): VNIBVNVX
– Account number: 652704060029584
– Beneficiary name: LE QUANG KHANH LONG

After transferring money, you provide information to email: [email protected]
– Name:
– Address :
– phone:
– Money transfer time:
– Amount of money:
– Post my information on this page: Yes/No

The list of sponsors is posted here

Note: We only use this account for charity.

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