Do You Want Work From Home Today?

Do You Want Work From Home Today?


You can act as a loan broker and look out for the best loan terms for borrowers, position for the loan and earn a commission for setting up the loan. There are so many money institutions around that are in the business of lending money to people who need them for various reasons. Basically there are the commercial edges. except those ,there are other institutions operating as finance companies covering loans for buying character or a house. They also provide for personal loans and for business undertakings. These companies charge different rates of interests and for documentation in addition.

You will have to scout around and find the best offer. You may also negotiate to work in synergy with these companies and ensure that the borrower gets the best loan arrangement around. Once you are armed with this, move around as loan broker and position for the loan at a commission. Print a lot of business visiting cards introducing yourself and pass around those cards. You can also approach people whom you think may need a loan. You will be surprised to find that a lot of people need a loan but are unable to position one.


You can make a lot of money cashing in on peoples’ hobby. Fishing is one area where you can come in. To be successful you need to be inventive. Fishing enthusiasts are always looking for good areas to fish and feel satisfied and proud to show off if they bag a good catch. To capitalize on this, position a fishing contest where you charge a substantial fee. Make the contest interesting.

A very attractive way is to keep up the fishing contest at a fishing stake offshore. position with the fishing stake owner to use his place for the contest. Make it a two-sessions affair; one from early morning to midday and the other from midday to late evening. If it is functional, you can also position for night fishing, as long as you keep the number of hours equal for every session. position also to take the participants to the fishing area. Make the charge inclusive of that and offer to provide a meal.

Advertise widely in the newspapers and you will find people coming from many areas and already from out of town places to join the fun. Offer good and attractive cash prizes and you will draw a good crowd to permit you to make a handsome income. keep up this contest at regular intervals and at different locations.


Transporting cargo has always been a good business and there is no without of cargo to transport in addition. Many companies nowadays prefer to hire transport companies to move their cargo instead of buy a lorry themselves to do the job. They save on driver’s salaries and also on off peak time layoff. They save also on insurance, repair, breakdowns and a paraphernalia of other inconveniences attached including traffic summons and under the counter payments. Hiring transport companies to move their goods save them all the headache.

You have a good business opportunity here. All you need is a good lorry with trailer and a good driver if you do not excursion the lorry yourself. Advertise in the yellow pages. You will have to look for clients yourself in the initial stages until you are established and are able to make a contract arrangement with a number of companies to move their goods. You will not be short of customers if you establish a good name and provide good sets to your clients. Customers only want their goods to be delivered safely on time. If you can ensure that, you have yourself a good future.  


This is rather a sneaky money-making trick but if done properly will bring in good money. In a year, there are so many big conventions being held in town. Hundreds of participants and sometimes thousands of them converge on the city to attend the conventions. They all need rooms to stay.

What you can do is prior to the convention, you book the hotel rooms in the area; book up to 100 to 200 rooms. This will cause a shortage of rooms at the time of the conventions and participants would be willing to pay a little additional just to be able to stay close to the convention halls. Though they will be paying additional for the rooms, they nevertheless save on time cost and the cost of traveling by traffic in the city to get to the convention halls. This is where you make money. Offer them rooms that you have earlier reserved at a higher rental. Sometimes people are already willing to pay double just to be near the convention site and save all commuting inconveniences.

If it is a political party convention, the party or candidates will pay for them and consequently the rental does not matter any more. If you do not want to take risks with your money, you can position with hotel counters to keep reservations for you and position to proportion the profits. This would be more like it and all you have to do is wait for the profits to come in.   


Short-duration sports camp is a good way of making money. This can be done during the school holidays. Parents will enroll their children to join these camps for two reasons. One is to enhance their skills art various games. The other is to keep them occupied fruitfully during the holidays to prevent them from getting bored and then get involved in untoward activities.

You can charge a substantial fee and parents will pay. include a few sports coaches to teach these children the various games which can include soccer, hockey, squash and at all event is popular in your area.

To attract the crowd, attach a personality name to the camp like Ryan Giggs Soccer Camp. All you need to do is to make an arrangement for the star to appear on a day and work with the kids. The camp would be filled to capacity and you can pay 25% of the profits to the personality concerned. Do this for education in addition and you will find yourself busy and good money flowing in.


This is especially attractive when held close to an examination. Seminars can be held to show students methods of answering questions in an examination with special emphasis on the examination they are about to take. The best way is to make the arrangement by the various schools to provide students for the seminars. Parents can be charged a fee for the seminar.

position for a few facilitators who are versed in the subjects to be discussed and select a appropriate place for the seminar. The seminar can be conducted at camp sites and be called as Summer Camp Educational Seminar  or it can also be conducted at a hotel. Payments charged for the seminar will vary with the duration and place.

Many examinations will take place especially toward the end of the year. So there is abundant opportunity to keep up a number of seminars and earn in the time of action.

Advertise in the newspapers and also locally by leaflets and information of mouth. You will know exactly what to do as you keep on conducting consecutive seminars.


This job is good for physical enthusiasts who really understand exercise and how to aim with weights. If you are one, then this business is good for you. You can charge in the vicinity of $40 per session and 4 session per week. That will account to $160 per week. If you have 5 clients, then you can earn up to $ 800 per month, working 4 days a week and 5 hours a day.

At any one time you do not need so many clients to keep your business going. Five is already enough but if you can manager longer hours and an additional day, you will make over a thousand dollars a month. That is good money.

To get customers, first contact physical therapy clinics and let them know of your service. You can also go to health food stores and make arrangements to post your advertisements. You can also advertise locally by distributing leaflets.


People typically visit fish markets or supermarkets to buy fish and vegetables that they require. Fish markets are typically very crowded in the peak hours of mornings. Some people may have gone to work and would have no time to visit markets then. In the supermarkets you don’t get really fresh fish and fresh vegetables. So how do you come in?

You can start a night open stall and start selling fresh fish and vegetables. Many people will find this a functional arrangement for them to just excursion and drop by at your stall to buy fresh fish and vegetables during their free hours of the night instead of to have to wait for morning to go to the market to buy them. There are times also when people need the fish for the night itself, for at all event reasons of their own. Your stall will come in handy.

If you start one in your vicinity, you will get all the business and earn a good income. To be successful, make sure your fish and vegetables are really fresh. Make arrangement to get them every day for the night. When you find your business good, do not start to take customers for a ride with stale fish and no-so-fresh vegetables.


The active ingredient in gas treatment or gasoline additives is simple methanol alcohol. Everything else is basically filler. When a quantity of methanol is mixed with a gallon of gas, it does make your engine run cleaner with other additional benefits. You can start this business by producing engine oil additives under your own brand name and special packing of 8 ounces ( good enough to be mixed with one tank of gas.

You can buy a 5 gallon can of methanol from a chemical dealer and start your operations. Prepare plastic bottles and labels to go with the bottle. Have your own brand name to make it look specialized. Pack and start distributing. You will make very good profits on this business if you price your product well and find a good outlet to spread and sell.

Contact workshops and give them a good discount on each bottle. You can also position with MLM companies to include your product in their lists of products for dispensing by their distributors. If you can get one MLM company to deal with you, you have good money coming.


To go into this business you need a scanner, an inkjet printer and some photo-manipulation software. You can make additional money by repairing and restoring old photographs for people. Almost every family has old photos of people they love and want o keep the memory if they have passed away. These old photos may have been slightly damaged due to improper care and need to be restored. After a long time people usually do not have negatives of these photos in their keeping. The only way to restore theses photos is by sending them to photo repairing service. You can provide that service.

You can charge a good price and make good profits to restore these photos . People will pay if you can do a good job. All you have to do is examine the original photo particles, reassemble and clone pieces that are missing and then print the final consequence onto some high quality photographic paper.

If you advertise your business widely, you will find a lot of people coming in to get their photos repaired and restored. There is a lot of business in this area of the sentimental.


Yes. You can start writing a book without having to write it yourself. All you need to do is to get a handful of experts to agree to send you an original essay on a given subject. All you have to do is to compile these essays into separate chapters and then edit them. Once you have done the editing and make a few additions and subtractions here and there, it becomes your book.

You can then submit it to the publishers to get it printed and distributed. You don’t already have to sell the book yourself. The publishers will do it for you and pay you royalty for the book.

Keep writing books on different topics and get them to the publishers and you will have a steady stream of income by royalties. Think up interesting topics that popularity to the young and old alike. Books of great controversy will be consumed by the market very fast. Be aware of current controversies and cash in on them.


Rural character in a far away location is quite inexpensive if you can clarify one. You can buy or lease an area of say around 10 hectares and transform it into a camp training site . Build and provide all the necessary natural facilities needed to fulfill a motivational  training camp.

MLM companies and corporate organizations and schools need this kind of camp sites for training. They prefer the camp sites to hotel halls because it is more interesting for participants and more natural.

You can charge these organizations and make money throughout the year. If fact, you can also create training schemes yourself and conduct them at your site for a double profit.

Advertise and make contacts with MLM companies, youth organizations , corporate bodies and schools and let them know what you have to offer. You will be swarmed with bookings.


edges will only consider giving out business loans for projects that are viable and have a low margin of risk. except that edges will want to know the current operations of the company intending to obtain the loan. edges will also look into the obtainable assets of the company and what guarantees that can be provided in the form of character mortgage or third party guarantees. The specific purpose of the loan is also looked into and finally how the loan is to be repaid. All these will have to be proven and presented to the lending bank.

Most or in fact almost all companies are not conversant with this kind of paperwork and will always seek professionals to prepare the project paper for them. This is another line of business that you can go into especially if you have banking background or have accountancy skills. If you do not have them and are willing to learn quickly how it is done, you can also make this your business. truly it is not that difficult. You will have to assemble all the pertinent data that is required by the bank and write them in the standard format of project paper presentations. Learn this if it is necessary.

Advertise and let people know your line of business and you will soon have your phone ringing for your sets.


Due to the tough competition as always happen in the business world, every company wants to be ahead of the others especially in an effort to attract customers. Many advertising gimmicks have been employed. One is the use of umbrellas with the company name and logo displayed on the open umbrella.

This is popular among MLM companies and photo studios. Sometimes organizations use this form of advertisement too although not for commercial reasons. at all event it is, the point is that there is a good need for umbrellas for advertising. You can cash in on this.

Contact an umbrella factory and position to have umbrellas of special designs for special purposes. You need not have a big assortment of umbrellas initially. Just order the ones that you are going to sell currently to companies that need them.

Make arrangements with the companies concerned by offering to deliver custom made at a special price. Approach as many companies as possible and you will have a substantial business.


Every car owner knows that they have to have their cars washed and tuned now and then. except that the cars need to be washed. Every time when this has to be done, the owner feels uncomfortable. It is not so much the necessary costs that go with it but the time it will take to get the car ready again. This accounts for why delays occur in having cars tuned or engine oil changed.

You can start a business offering a three in one service; car wash, oil change and tuning. As an additional allurement you can offer to get the car delivered to the owner as soon as they are ready. That will be convincing and many car owners will appreciate the service. It saves them the boring time waiting for the job to be done.

You can charge a small delivery service fee; customers would not mind as long as it is reasonable. Be courteous, polite and make every car owner happy with your service. Soon you will have more business than you anticipate. except making money for the sets, you will also earn from selling the engine oil or at all event substitute parts that the car needs.


Individual or groups who run expositions or exhibitions do not typically keep tents in store for the events. It is too cumbersome a job to keep inventory. They prefer to rent the tents from other companies.

You can keep a good stock of specially designed tents appropriate for expositions or carnivals. Make it modern where you can install a fan in each tent. See also that there are at the minimum two plug points for each tent for use.

You can also have a team of workers to erect the tents for you. You need not use them complete time, but call them whenever there is a job to be done and pay them based on the specific job. Exhibition groups typically prefer to have everything ready set up for them.

Advertise your service. You may also contact groups that typically keep up exhibitions now and then. Work in synergy with them and you will prosper.


Freshies at all universities and institutions of higher learning are typically overwhelmed by the fact that they are accepted into the institution and for the first time feel proud that they are part of an institution of higher learning. They are usually oblivious to what is going on around and only focus on their new undergraduate position.

You can catch them there. At the initial moment of time they will buy anything with the university logo to take home when they return to their hometown. You can print T shirts or at all event souvenirs for sale.

One thing that will catch their imagination and will grab without much ado is lecture notes. You can compile lecture notes of the past year, bind them and start selling. Get keep up of good past year notes and do a little bit of campaigning and you will have a business. Dealing in the past year’s notes alone is enough because there are so many subjects to cover. Done properly will bring a good harvest of earnings.



Every year when the school reopens and children are promoted to new grades, the children will need a new set of books. This is the time when parents will have to use time hunting for the prescribed texts from book stores in town. It is not as easy as always thought to be, when it comes to getting the complete set of books prescribed. Parents often confront headaches when the stock runs out or certain books are unavailable. They will confront the inconvenience of having to hunt around the bookshops around town, not necessarily with positive results.

You can start a business in getting orders from parents and them deliver the books to them. There would not be much to do because every year the titles of the books are almost the same, maybe with slight changes. This you can laise and find out from the Ministry of Education or the local education office. Get the list early and contact parents to place the order.

You don’t have to carry stock because you can laise and work in synergy with a local book stores that would have the stock ready for delivery. position a commission for yourself and everybody wins.

ON-THE identify CAR OIL CHANGE    

I have not seen this business done. I surprise why. If you start the business now you will have a monopoly market, at the minimum in the initial stages. Every 3,000 miles every car needs an oil change. typically the owner will have to take the car to the oil change people and wait for the oil to be changed but you can reverse the procedure. Instead of the customer coming to you, you go to the customer and get the oil change on the identify.

Having an oil change at petrol kiosks or wherever it is now involves a associate of inconveniences, which includes time. Sometimes you don’t get your oil changed closest if the place is busy. Waiting time may sometimes be killing.

Now if you provide the service to get car owners to change their car oil on the identify and fast, you will attract many motorists. All you need is a small van to carry the engine oil with you and simple tools for the job. To get customers, pass around business visiting cards . You can also call car owners and inform them of your service. now and then you would have accumulated a good number of customers to keep you busy and the money coming in.


The total cost of making a helium balloons is about 10 cents. If you go to places where there are a lot of children gathering, you can sell each for a dollar and make a hefty profit. All you need is some ballons of different sizes, some strings and a tank of helium.

Nowadays balloons are designed in various patterns and this will attract children’s attention already the more.

Go where there is a fun fair, an exhibition or already children’s playground may be a good place to go especially on holidays.

This is a business where the cost of investment is peanuts but the percentage returns is high. Not many people will want to do this business. That accounts for why we seldom see balloons sellers. You may not be high selling balloons but neither will you be one just contemplating what to do and not doing anything at all. The business is good, the money is good. Take it.


If there is no flea market in your area and in areas where the possible effective need is good, do not wait for things to happen. Take this as an opportunity to start a business. Organize a flea market in your area and in other areas in addition.

Set up stalls and rent out to people who would like to characterize and sell their goods there. If you could set up fifty stalls and rent each for fifty dollars a day, you would be able to collect two thousand dollars daily and for a month duration you could collect a cool sixty thousand.

You need to pay the local authorities for the business license according to the duration of the flea market. except that you will have to pay for electricity and amenities which may be made obtainable by the authorities. If you are using tents, you will also have to pay for the tents .Then there are the assistants. But deducting all these expenses, you will nevertheless make a handsome profit.

Once you collect payments for the whole duration of the market exposure, there is not much to do as each stallowner takes care of his stall. The only thing you must make sure is to have an electrical man as an assistant. The lights may be out during the night due to overload. Attend closest and everything will be fine.


Expertly prepared by an experienced cook, green beans sweet porridge is a delicious treat that keeps customers coming for it again and again. This is an Eastern delicacy and can be served at any time of the day. The trick is to serve the porridge hot. Cold porridge loses a part of its exotic taste.

You can sell it at your own food and drinks stall or already at flea markets. Where you sell it does not matter. What matters is that it must be deliciously prepared. It is not that difficult to prepare green beans sweet porridge but the recipe must be right. You must learn the exact combinations of desiccated coconut milk, brown sugar , water level and amount of green beans to be mixed. Learn from an expert or you can include the person to cook for you while you learn the trick.

Green beans sweet porridge goes well with sliced white bread. Those who frequent the stalls will ask for sliced white bread to dip into the porridge and eat. It is the perfect combination. If no one is doing this business in your area seize the opportunity and you will thank yourself for doing it.


Every driver knows that it is difficult to excursion in heavy rain, especially when your windscreen is foggy. In a really heavy rain, sometimes drivers simply stop by the road side due to extremely poor vision. And if your car wiper becomes inoperative already during a light rain, the inconvenience is unthinkable.

Now, you can excursion in heavy rain already in the darkness of the night, without difficulty.Thanks to the newly invented Rain-X; a chemical that you rub on the windscreen of your car to make sure that water will not stick to the windscreen. during a heavy downfall, water just runs off the glass with the aid of the wind blowing as you excursion; the faster you excursion, the faster will the water run off. You do not need to function your wiper as you excursion in heavy rain. Vision will be very clear and while others have to stop by the roadside, you can joyfully excursion on.

Drivers who know and have used Rain-X will not want to excursion without it. Once you introduce Rain-X to drivers, you will have an current business. You can buy wholesale at 2 dollars for an 8 ounce bottle and easily retail it for 10 dollars. The profit margin is very good. If you stick to the business long enough, you will be making a steady handsome income just selling Rain-X.


Over ninety percent of character owners never get to view their character from the air and it would be inviting for them to see their farms and bungalows from the new vantage point. If you have a good camera and a friend who can team up with you to fly you, you can start a business taking photographs from the air. If you have a good video camera, you can take the pictures live. Once that is done you can approach those character owners and sell the photographs or CDs to them. They would not reject your offer and since there are many exclusive character around you will make a handsome profit.

Another way to do the business is make an arrangement with the character owners to give you a contract to take ariel photographs of their character. Ask them how they want it to be done. That way you can guarantee a sale and at a special price.

Since not many people are doing this kind of business, you can start one of your own.


You might have noticed a towing truck plying up and down a highway. The truck is truly scouting around for vehicles that are stranded due to engine breakdowns .

In the event there is a means breakdown, the truck will render service to tow the means to the nearest workshop for repairs. Usually the tow truck belongs to the nearby workshop and consequently will tow the means to the very workshop. It is a good business as workshops will charge additional for the towing service and emergency repairs. Some unethical workshops may already charge double the normal price of repairs, taking advantage of the unfortunate driver. I recommend you do otherwise and only charge the normal fee with additional charges for towing.

You can set up a workshop, buy a tow truck and include a driver to ply the highway close to your workshop. If you do the business right and fair, you will not only create an income for yourself but also do a valuable service to drivers who are unfortunately stranded on the highway due to engine breakdowns. If you are fair in your dealings, people do not mind paying a little additional for the timely help. Charge reasonably and people will take observe of your workshop and come back for repairs  and you would have produced yourself a steady income. information of mouth will work in your favour.

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