Do You Find Credit Relief With Debit Consolidation?

Do You Find Credit Relief With Debit Consolidation?

When your credit becomes difficult to manage, it can be tempting to simply declare bankruptcy and hope that everything works out down the road; however, this is the exact wrong thing to do, and as a credit holder it is up to you to honor your debts. Not to mention that bankruptcy can literally destroy your credit for years, lowering it by as much as 200 points and keeping you from getting a home, car or any kind of loan for as little as seven years, or as much as ten years. Bankruptcy is not a good solution and will stay on your credit for up to twelve years, keeping you from getting the good interest rates you were hoping for.

There is a solution to all of this and it comes in the form of debt consolidation. When a person has a lot of debt, it can become overwhelming to manage it all and that is what usually leads to someone losing their head in a mountain of debt. For example, if someone has four credit cards, one loan, two car loans and a mortgage, that method that there are eight different payments they have to make. It can be a lot to keep on top of, and many fall apart as their debts get more complicate. Debt consolidation can be just the solution a person in debt is looking for.

What is debt consolidation? A debt consolidation program will take all your debts, and put them together into one easy package. The way this is done is by a larger loan by the debt consolidation company. For example, if you owe $11,000 on the credit cards, $23,000 on the loan, $38,000 on the cars and $120,000 on the home, then the debt consolidation company will make a loan for the amount of $192,000. This loan pays off all the other loans so they get off your back. Then, you make monthly payments to the debt consolidation company to pay off the $192,000 loan that they have on you.

Debt consolidation is a great solution for anyone who has a lot of trouble managing their credit and want to start over without a bankruptcy. It should be noted, however, that debt consolidation is not perfect and if you take this route you will pay more than if you paid off the debts yourself. If you pay six percent interest on your debt consolidation loan, then that method you will pay $11,520 in interest on the loan, though it is doubtful your home would be included in this loan so you truly would pay much less in your interest payment.

Debt consolidation is a great idea for anyone who has a mountain of debt but is losing focus on it because of the number of bills that they have. Debt consolidation companies will work out the best payment schedule for your income bracket, and they will help you repair your credit and get back on track. As a consequence, many have chosen debt consolidation over bankruptcy and have never regretted their decision.

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