Digital Menu Boards Benefits

Digital Menu Boards Benefits

Although the most basic use of a digital signage menu board is to characterize menu items and prices, the menu board can also offer entertainment value by incorporating RSS (Really Simple Syndication) such as sports or news streaming to reduce perceived waiting time. In addition, it can be programmed to inform clients about new products and promotions.

Ready or not, digital menu boards are becoming a part of the fast-casual, quick-service food industry. Whether digital menu boards are right for your business, you may consider the possible benefits of such systems, its ROI and decide for yourself.

One example of such consideration, a recent deployment of digital menu boards at a Cafe/Marketplace in Phoenix, Arizona. Besides displaying the menu items and prices,

the client requested to incorporate dynamic images on those screens behind the ordering counter, and a TV zone on screens deployed in the sitting areas.

Before signing the contract to deploy digital signage in your business, here are the major hurdles you need to know and understand.

1. Placement of screens: Consideration to screen placement on your wall is of basic importance. Look to proper distance between viewer and screen. Angle the screens to best readability. Insure enough electrical outlets are obtainable for screens and players.

2. Equipment selection. Make sure the screen size is appropriate to your needs. For example, if you have a menu board with lots of text and images, you may want to select a larger screen. The media player must be powerful enough to sustain content elements from images to videos. Your decision on how to manage your content, wireless or over the internet, affects your choice of equipment too.

3. Content creation. This the most important part of the deployment. The system effectiveness is dependent on the content. Let the contractor know what you want in the content. In addition to text, images, do you want to have video, live TV, RSS satisfy, weather, time, or anything else.

4. Deployment. Everything comes together at deployment. Allow enough time to test your system and allow time to aim the customer to manage it.

Finally, here is a summary of the benefits of digital menu boards:

> characterize menu prices and change prices quickly

> do away with print menus and reduce environmental waste

> promote items which are high in inventory or with high profit margins

> add new item to menu quickly

> run special promotions

> characterize nutritional information

> reduce perceived wait time for clients by running RSS’s

A new age of digital signage has been born from advancements in commercial-grade, LCD TV technology in addition as improvements in the digital media players and content management software. These advancements have made digital signage highly affordable and an alluring communication tool for businesses or corporations of any size - small, medium or large! Examples are:

– Restaurants & hospitality venues

– Retail environments to advertise specials & sales

– Healthcare & medical offices to promote sets & entertain patients

– Educational facilities to deliver news & information to students and staff

– Corporations as a communication tool to inform and aim employees

– edges to showcase sets and new specials

– Tradeshows to effectively promote products & sets

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