Different Types Of Aviation Lights

In the aviation industry the measures of collision avoidance are being heavily made use of. High intensity lighting devices increase the visibility of the structure so that any aircraft can pass. Basically these aviation lights are high intensity LED lights that are visible from a distance of miles.

Types of aviation lights: The first kind of aviation light was the ‘Xenon release Flasher’. It was an impressive white strobe light that slowly got outdated due to growing use of “Red Lamps”. Mostly all the countries make use of these red lamps. These are illuminated with powerful LED lights that are low on maintenance but highly reliable. The red lamps LED based have a much longer warranty period and a long life span as compared to Xenon release Flashers.

Low Intensity: Low intensity LED aviation lights are usually maintenance free and quite in need in smaller cities. They are typically being operated during day time. More energy efficient consuming around 10% less strength that the current incandescent bulbs. These solar strength based LED lights are of superior quality as they are considered to be eco friendly and much cheaper in cost.

Medium Intensity: The medium intensity aviation light is another complex kind that is found installed at high rise buildings. These lights assist in electricity and strength saving with their life span of at the minimum 100,000 hours. Generally these progressive LED medium intensity lights are equipped with an inbuilt visual alarm. This helps the maintenance staff to watch over the workings of the light.

Twin aviation warning lights: The twin aviation lights are the best and the most progressive warning light obtainable. These are very safe, reliable, eco friendly and energy efficient. They are installed over high rise buildings, TV towers, transmission line towers, or windmills. Being equipped with solar technology these lights are maintenance free.

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