Conference Call Etiquette

Conference Call Etiquette

One of the most powerful way to generate tons of leads for
your business is by web or audio conference calls. Most
savvy marketers are using this method of rule generation
to bring in tons of attention to their product or sets.

To get the maximum out of your listeners, there are some
etiquette you must to pay attention to.

1. Moderators should be on time.

A moderator should arrive a few minutes early to greet each
of the participants, and let them know when everyone is
present and ready to start the call.

2. Always introduce yourself when speaking for the first time.

It is important to introduce yourself when first speaking as
other participants may not recognize your voice.

3. Avoid putting your phone on keep up.

Putting your local phone on keep up could introduce music into
the conference, so when considering the keep up function please
use #6 instead. Otherwise your keep up music will play into the
conference call, and make it impossible for the other
participants to continue the meeting in your absence!
(Remember to un-mute yourself when you come back.)

4. Create an agenda and keep to your schedule.

keep consistent with the time line and agenda as prescribed
in order to respect the time of the other participants.

5. Clearly state when calls end.

If participants linger after you have hung up on the call
you will get billed! Ensuring that all participants
understand when a call has ended will avoid any possible
confusion so stay on the line and make sure everyone has
left the call.

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