Chemical-Free Methods of Pest Control

Chemical-Free Methods of Pest Control

Pest control is important to every home. What most companies recommend to keep the bugs away is not always the best approach for the home. The chemicals in many very popular pest control products have been proven to cause a variety of negative side effects for both people and pets. It is especially important to have a chemical-free way to keep the bugs and other pests out of the house where there are pregnant women, babies, and young children present. Luckily, there are some very powerful methods of removing pests that do not require any toxic chemicals.

Home maintenance is the most effective way to keep pests out of a house without the use of chemicals. This is not only the occasional fix up, but how you care for the home every day. Proper home maintenance for chemical free pest control is a lifestyle and not a singular event. Learn such healthy habits as cleaning up directly after a meal, sweeping and mopping the floors every night, and keeping all food put away. Pests get attracted to the slightest smell of food and being diligent about your housekeeping can keep them away.

When performing home maintenance for pest control be sure to watch out for small holes and fractures in the walls. If any appear they should be patched up with caulk as soon as possible. Small fractures and holes provide pests with an entrance to your home and a place to hide. Keeping these holes patched up makes it harder for bugs and other pests to get in and thrive.

Many people have discovered the strength of baking soda for pest control. What is great about backing soda is that it is natural and powerful. Just mix the baking soda with some flour and sugar then leave it where pests can find it. The baking soda destroys them simply because roaches and mice cannot pass gas. however, encountering baking soda has no effect on pets and children, making it a great solution for homes that need to get rid of pests.

Lemon is also a powerful natural substance to be used in chemical-free pest control. Roaches and mice hate the smell of lemons. Mop the floors, wipe the counters, and spray the carpets and the air with a combination of lemon oil and water to keep the pests away. Some other powerful basic oils for pest control include lavender, tea tree oil, and peppermint.

It does require effort to have a pest-free house without using any chemicals, but your efforts are well worth it. The chemicals used in many pest control products have been proven to cause a long list of ailments that you would do well to avoid. Stay healthy while denying pests to take up living in your house by using chemical-free pest control techniques that have been prove to be effective. If you would like to live in a home that is clean and free of pests while avoiding serious health conditions such as cancer, respiratory failure, memory loss, infertility and many of the other problems pest control chemicals cause, use these strategies.

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