Business Site – It Is too Cheap to Not Have

“Every business MUST have a business site”. It is a very simple statement but I don’t think anyone could ever stress the importance of that statement to your business. Back 20 years ago advertising for your business was simple, you buy some radio ads, TV ads and print ads that put your business right in front of your target audience. The very basics have not changed, but in this article we will talk about the importance of having a business site and why not having one could truly hurt your business.

Like I mentioned above the same tried and true advertising methods have not changed but the population is using different types of media now, not just TV and Radio. The Internet has conquer the TV as a dominant media source. Where this should not be a surprise to anyone I want to give you some numbers to illustrate this point to you. According to the “Institute for Business Value Consumer M&E Study conducted by Zoomerang Marker Research in 2007, 26% of people spent Over 6 hours a day on the Internet vs. only 16% of people spent over 6 hours in front of the TV. already some of the lower numbers showed a difference, 32% of people spent 2-4 hours on the Internet vs 31% in front of the TV for 2-4 hours. My favorite number of all of this is when you put these statistics together. 75% of people use two hours or more on the Internet, vs only 63% of people spending two hours or more in front of the TV. These number clearly show that people are on the Internet for longer periods of time than they are watching TV, so where do you want to advertising dollars to go? Targeted toward the 63% or 75%? This seems like a pretty easy decision to me and when I show you exactly how cheap Internet advertising can be with a business site I think you will agree with me.

Now we are getting to the reason of this article and why having a Business Site is just to cheap to not have and why it will hurt your business. Lets look at the cost of TV advertising and lets already go with the least expensive option, local television. Your standard television commercial is going to be about 30 seconds long and in the local section run you about $100 per commercial slot. This will typically get you about 1,000 viewers and if you want to run this commercial for a week, this could easily run you close to $500. The $500 also does not include truly producing the commercial before it already gets to the point your possible customers will see it. I am not saying that this is bad in any stretch of the imagination because it does get your business in front of thousands of viewers. But we want to get your business in front of hundreds of thousands to possible customers with less effort and less money. Well having your own Business site will accomplish this need very well. Here is where we get to why it is “TO CHEAP TO NOT HAVE”. Web hosting is all over the place and you can buy it from pretty much anywhere but in general you are looking to buy web hosting for approximately $5 a month. Yes you heard me correctly that’s $5 a month or $60 a month for your own business site that is advertising for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and the price doesn’t change. Now I don’t want to be misleading with that number because there are some other costs associated with a website. You will probably use another $10 a year on name and then you have to buy someone to design your website, I typically charge people about $200 to $500 depending on how complicated the site is. Now you math people we just spent about $570 upfront with a recurring payment of only $70 a year to keep this website advertising for us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Have I sparked your interest about having a business site however? What I want to do is get you thinking about how to advertise affectively in the digital age. TV advertisements is nevertheless a tried and true method but your customers have 30 seconds to get your message and that can be hard to do. Adding in a business site along with TV advertising you give your customers some were else to go and get your message with out a time limit and with more information. So ask yourself, can you provide not to use $70 a month for a source of continued advertising and information for your customers?

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